Summer or winter, one scourge can haunt your home: Cockroaches. Admit that they are never welcome in your home. Carriers of microbes, these insects, no matter their size, are repulsive and have a knack for making you jump unexpectedly. No more choking! Thanks to this little trick, you will no longer have an unpleasant surprise of encountering them in the bathroom. Here’s how to get rid of them quickly!

Cockroaches at home: a real nightmare!

The bathroom is one of the areas where you will often encounter cockroaches. And this is for many reasons. On the one hand, the presence of insects in this room is clearly visible, given the often-bright tile surfaces. On the other hand, cockroaches regularly migrate there because they are attracted to warm and humid environments. And, of course, given the ubiquity of steam, high temperatures and humidity, the bathroom is an ideal water temple to harbor these little creatures. Moreover, the bathroom is not the only one that combines all the optimal conditions to welcome cockroaches . They also tend to hide easily under the kitchen sink, behind the refrigerator or dishwasher. But do not worry, we give you some ingenious tips to fight this scourge.

A bottle in the shower drain to keep cockroaches away

Starting with this anti roach trap to install in the bathroom. With this trick, you can prevent them from entering the room through the shower drain. To do this, you will need a plastic bottle and some tools. As a bonus, you can also use this technique to prevent the accumulation of hair and hairs in the drain.Here’s how to do it step by step:

  • First, insert the bottle into the drain hole of the shower after removing the top grate of the drain. Obviously on the side of the cap (which must be well screwed).
  • Once the bottle is upside down, take a mark and give the measurement of its depth. For each drain there are many plastic bottles that can be adapted for this purpose. Mark with the felt should be slightly above the line.
  • Then take scissors and start cutting about half an inch above the marking line.
  • Take the part of the bottle with the screw cap in your hand and cut the plastic in a zigzag pattern, as if you were making sharp teeth.
  • Then, using a screwdriver or other sharp metal object, poke holes on all sides, including the cap part. This way, when inserted upside down in the drain, it can drain the water well and filter the hair at the same time. But most importantly, once you put the grate back in place, it will prevent any roaches from sneaking through that area and occupying your bathroom.

Tips to prevent cockroach infestation at home

You now have a very effective homemade trap to prevent roaches from entering the bathroom. However, since they can also appear in other areas of the house, it would be wiser to get ahead of the problem by adopting certain wise gestures and adopting good habits. Make sure there are no gaps between the water pipes and the wall (under kitchen drains and in the bathroom). Seal this area with some silicone or cement if necessary. Ideally, all holes in the exterior walls of the house should be repaired with a suitable material. Also attach the bases to the walls with concrete. Always seal the bags inside the trash can and put the lid on. Get rid of the cardboard bags in which the food is transported.