Most of the time, clothespins are used to hang laundry. But did you know they can be super useful for scenting your shower? If you want your bathroom to smell nice, there’s no need to hesitate. Hang a clothespin in your shower. Since I’ve been using it, my shower always smells good. Does that sound weird to you? Well, I’m sure you’ll soon adopt this little trick too.

A clothespin to perfume your shower

To make your shower smell nice, all you need is a wooden clothespin and some essential oil. It’s so easy! Here’s how: Start by choosing your essential oil and grabbing a wooden clothespin.

Put several drops of essential oil on the clothespin. Soak the clothespin generously. Then hang it on the shower head. Now all you have to do is shower. And then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the scent your clothespin gives off. A joy to shower with! It’s a very simple and economical way to deodorize your bathroom. However, it’s essential to use a wooden clothespin. The essential oil needs to be well absorbed by the wood. It won’t work with plastic. If you can’t hang it on the shower head, don’t panic. You can put it on the shower curtain, shower screen, soap dish or suction hook. It’s so effective. Just don’t put it directly under the shower jet.

Why does it work to scent your shower naturally?

The essential oil impregnates the wood of the clothespin. It’s like a homemade diffuser. When you take a hot shower, hot steam is released. When the steam reaches the clothespin, the essential oil in the wood of the peg releases its full fragrance. And that’s when your shower smells amazing. A real olfactory pleasure when you shower! Of course, the fragrance is also present when you’re not showering.But it’s not as strong. It’s really the steam from the hot water that releases all the scents of the essential oils.

What products should you use to scent your shower?

Essential oils are recommended for naturally scenting your shower. Of course, they smell good. Just choose the fragrances you like to make your bathroom smell good. Lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil… But that’s not all! Because not only do they scent, they also have their own special properties. For example, lavender essential oil is relaxing, lemon essential oil is purifying, eucalyptus essential oil is decongestant… Of course, you can also choose rosemary, pine, mint, mandarin and many others. It doesn’t matter! One thing’s for sure: when you take a shower, you benefit from all their virtues naturally. And there’s nothing to stop you changing your shower oil every day, according to your needs and desires. You can also use scented oils for the same result.