Have you ever tried to use a dishwasher tray in the shower or bathtub? This is why you do it

It happens very often that ingredients we would never have thought of are used in household cleaning products for purposes beyond everyday use. This is exactly the case when using a tablet for the dishwasher in the shower or in the bathtub. Let’s see together why we can easily use this technique for cleaning.

Dishwasher tabs

There are now many types of tabs (or tabs) on the market for the dishwasher, an appliance that can now be found in many people’s homes. Dishwasher tabs are a special product for cleaning and disinfecting dishes, cutlery and other kitchen utensils. They are made of a mixture of chemicals that work together to remove food residue, grease and liquid stains. They come in many shapes and sizes, but most are water soluble and are sold in individual packs or in boxes of several tablets. Their use is very simple. They need to be placed in the designated compartment, which is usually located in the door of the dishwasher. After inserting the tablet, simply close the door and start the wash cycle.

The reason why the tablets are so widely used is that they not only act as a detergent, but are also suitable for disinfecting kitchen utensils, as they contain antibacterial substances that eliminate germs and bacteria present on surfaces. This is exactly one of the main features why it makes sense to put a dishwashing tab in the shower. Let’s see together how to proceed.

Why put a dishwashing tray in the shower?

As mentioned above, dishwasher tablets are an excellent ally in eliminating germs and bacteria due to their disinfecting effect. Why not use it in another place where germs and bacteria are more common?

If you put a dishwashing tablet in the shower or bathtub, you can better clean and disinfect surfaces. To perform this procedure in the shower, the shower tray must have raised edges and not flush with the floor, otherwise you will have to close the drain and some water may accumulate. Then perform this procedure, close the shower drain and raise the water level, possibly hot, a few inches. Then put a dishwashing tablet in the water and wait until it is completely dissolved. Let it soak for about fifteen minutes, then take a soft sponge and start cleaning the shower tray. You will find that no scrubbing is required as any residue will be softened by the action of the tablet.

After you have cleaned the entire shower pan, remove the plug from the drain and allow the water to drain. Perform a final rinse in the shower to make sure you have removed all residue. The procedure for this method is the same, but if you have a very large tub, to avoid waste and consumption, it is recommended that you do not fill it completely but add water up to half and then clean a little more thoroughly.

But do all these procedures only serve to disinfect the shower in the best possible way? Obviously not. In fact, thanks to their composition, dishwashing tabs are very useful to make the yellowed shower tray or bathtub white again. In just a few minutes you will have a disinfected and bleached bathroom.