How many women in the world today still use a broom to clean the house? Certainly, there are many, although most have a vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, the broom helps at certain times of the day, especially if you live in an apartment and have no way to turn on the vacuum cleaner at a certain time because it makes noise and disturbs. And if you do not want to use electricity, it is the best, it allows you to clean by simply removing the dirt, for example, crumbs after lunch or dinner, hair after shampooing or showering, and the problem is solved in peace and serenity.

The use of the broom can save lives

Some people think, indeed are really convinced, that cleaning means only scrubbing windows and floors, sweeping and then mopping, and the whole house is clean and fragrant. Actually, it doesn’t quite work that way. Many women who already do it know this: just put a plastic bag around the broom to be pleasantly surprised and dedicate themselves to a complete cleaning.

What is the purpose of the plastic bag around the broom?

Strange as it may seem, a plastic bag around your broom can reduce hassle and inconvenience by making things quick and easy. For example, it is used to collect hair conveniently and without the slightest effort. Simply pass the broom with the bag for two seconds to collect the debris scattered everywhere, even in the most remote corners, where often hides the coarsest dirt. Behind the furniture, at the corners of the windows, the classic cleaning is difficult. That’s what the trick is for. If you do not have an ordinary plastic bag, you can even use an old pillowcase or at most an old handkerchief, although it is better to use the bag, which is much more convenient in every way. Compared to the pillowcase, the bag can be used and then thrown away and replaced with another one for free. On the other hand, what can be reused must be washed. Not everyone likes to put heavily soiled clothes in the washing machine or wash them by hand.

Alternatives to the classic plastic bag

Instead of not having bags available, it is advisable to use hairnets or caps, which are as effective as they are functional. So just cover the broom with plastic wrap and sweep as usual. Once you are done, there will be a lot of lint at the base, while the floors will be sparkling clean. Choosing a plastic bag means, among other things, to make an ecological decision, since it does not cause pollution, also taking into account the fact that it is not allowed to use chemical substances or substances that are harmful to health and the ecosystem. What is better?

Natural and ecological products as a substitute for detergents

At most, if you really want to use detergents or products to remove dirt, dust or hair, we recommend vinegar, which, although not known to many, is an economical and ecological detergent that leaves the house fresh and fragrant. Vinegar can even be used instead of fabric softener in the washing machine, as it disinfects and eliminates bad and unpleasant odors. You can also sprinkle some lemon on the plastic bag and thus on the broom, a smart and intelligent choice. Lemon cleans countertops, windows, corners and floors better than any other cleaner. Among other things, it is an excellent natural brightener, which on the one hand can be seen as an advantage, but on the other hand not. For this reason, in fact, it must be used with extreme caution, as it is also capable of whitening both fabrics and wooden furniture. Finally, baking soda, a multipurpose cleaner, can also be useful.

It not only cleans floors, but also absorbs odors and unclogs drains. In particular, it can be used to clean carpets to bind odors, it has a disinfecting effect on all surfaces and is very practical.

All these alternative solutions show that you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money to clean the house, but can keep hygiene and cleanliness at home high, simply with products we have in the kitchen, a broom and a bag.