House and household chores are often tedious, and sweeping is the perfect example. Not only is this task time consuming, but it can also be extremely tiring to do on a daily basis. If the choice of broom is of great importance, it still depends on the right gestures. No need to despair, because thanks to a trick that is both surprising and effective, sweeping your floor will be a breeze! Dusting the floor is an important activity, as it helps maintain the cleanliness of a home. Here’s a tip on how to make this activity relaxing on a daily basis.

Why put a plastic bag on a broom?

Cleaning is one of those unchanging rituals that define our daily lives: Tidy the room, do the dishes, empty the trash cans. So, many chores that most of us dread and that in most cases are constantly postponed. And if there is one task that does not require special skills or knowledge, it is sweeping. In fact, dusting the floor is a simple activity that can be done by any of us, provided we are endowed with patience and motivation, especially if the apartment in question has several rooms or houses children and pets. Fortunately, and thanks to a simple ingenious trick, you can make this task easier.

A simple plastic bag to better clean your floors

To have a floor that is always clean, it is not necessary to use a vacuum cleaner. As you must have understood, sometimes the simplest method is the most effective. In this sense, choosing the right broom is enough, but not only! Faced with dust, hair, cat or dog hair lying around everywhere and in every corner of your floor, a great ally will not be too much. In fact, and to create the least possible effort in sweeping the floor, you only need a simple plastic bag. As simple as it may seem, this object can only make this household task easier for you.

It has not escaped you, but the dust clumps, as well as the various hairs get stuck irreparably in the bristles of the broom, which makes this job even more tedious than it already is. But covering the broom brush with a plastic bag prevents this. In this way, dust and hair will not get stuck in the bristles of the broom and you can remove them without getting your hands dirty.

How to properly clean your floor according to its coating?

Cleaning the floor is a task that you must perform with care and thoroughness. For good reason, there are different types of coatings, each of which has its own peculiarities and requires special attention.

Wash a PVC floor: In this case, you must use a microfiber mop soaked in a solution of white vinegar and water. Baking soda is also a good alternative for cleaning floors. In addition, it is not recommended to use on this type of surface products considered too strong, such as black soap or bleach.

Washing linoleum floor: This type of flooring requires gentle and regular maintenance. Do not hesitate to use soapy water when washing (you can use detergent) and add white vinegar to degrease this type of floor and make it shine. Also remember to wring out the mop properly and avoid excess water to avoid leaving marks.

Washing parquet: This type of coating is sensitive to water, as this liquid can quickly penetrate between the planks, causing the parquet to warp. It is therefore necessary to wring out the mop well before washing your floor and finally dry it with a cloth. Finally, consider using a good vacuum cleaner to rid your floor of pests that do not hesitate to attack this type of surface.

If you put this trick into practice, dusting your floor will not take as long as usual. This will allow you to spend more energy and time on other household chores.