The tennis ball in the washing machine: did you know that what happens is really unthinkable? You should try it right now.

It is absolutely not easy to wash clothes in the washing machine every day and hope that they will be cleaned and disinfected. Over time, all household appliances are put to the test, especially if the maintenance is not optimal. In addition to cleaning and changing the various spare parts, you can also put into practice a trick that few know: Just put a tennis ball in the washing machine and the effect will be something extraordinary. Didn’t you know? Let’s dive deeper together.

Washing machine and laundry, how to behave properly?

Clothes in the washing machine is always cleaner and more hygienic than if washed directly by hand. In addition, the new washing machines allow you to wash and disinfect several garments at the same time without damaging the texture. In addition, an aspect that should not be underestimated is the fact that no electricity is wasted and the bill is not charged at the end of the month.

To make sure that all this happens day after day, and you do not need to call an expert technician, everyone who uses the washing machine should always pay attention to cleaning and maintenance. Among the many tips from experts, there is no doubt that it is useful to take off the clothes immediately after the wash cycle, so that they do not stink and do not fill the washing machine with moisture.

Remember that moisture is the biggest enemy in the formation of mold, which ruins the inside of the machine and textiles in general. Among the many things you can do is to use a new tennis ball, which is placed directly in the basket: but why?

Tennis ball in the washing machine, you will never do without it again

There is a very strange method that involves putting a simple tennis ball in the washing machine. Certainly very strange, but really useful and impossible not to repeat it over time. Putting the tennis ball or balls in the washing machine before washing clothes has many advantages (new and clean, of course):

  • The ball increases the efficiency of drying and washing.
  • It leaves no residue of detergent and fabric softener
  • It protects the environment because it consumes less and does not pollute the environment.
  • Two new tennis balls in the basket are enough and reduce the detergent and fabric softener dose by 20%. A great way to save the environment and get spotless laundry.

Be sure to always change the balls every two to three washes, as in the long run they could harm the washing machine and also the clothes. That’s not all, it’s better to use the method on dark clothes, as light fabrics could get stained by this ball rotating in the drum during washing.

In summary, this is an excellent method for very clean clothes, removing about 20% of the amount of detergent usually used.