Everyone knows the tips and tricks you can do with aluminum foil in the kitchen. This material is versatile and easy to use, some use it to keep food fresh longer, others for cooking. But did you know that it has another use? This trick is not yet very widespread, but its results are extraordinary. Once tested, it will not do without it!

Why is it useful to put a ball of aluminum foil in the washing machine?

Beyond its usual use in cooking and preserving, aluminum foil has a variety of other uses that make it an indispensable ally in everyday life. And if you’re smart enough to use it in your washing machine, it’ll go easy on your laundry and save you money. We’ll tell you how.

Why should you put balls of aluminum foil in your washing machine?

First of all, be reassured. Aluminum will not harm the drum of your washing machine or your laundry, quite the opposite. While for most people, cleaning the washing machine is a task they would gladly do without, especially if the laundry comes out in an unsuitable condition, this tip will get you in line with washing clothes in the washing machine. All you need to do is to put a few balls of aluminum foil (two or three will do) the size of a tennis ball in your washing machine. This will have the following effects:

  • Neutralize static electricity

Have you ever felt a small electric shock when you came in contact with a fabric, or had a piece of clothing that literally stuck to your skin? You should know that when you run the washing machine, the friction between the fabrics (especially those made of synthetic fibers) promotes the exchange of electrons, which can generate static electricity. This phenomenon can be caused by the negative charges of the detergents necessary to wash the laundry. In addition, static electricity is amplified even more in winter, when humidity is low and the air is dry, as reported by the website private-engie. Fortunately, static electricity is not dangerous to humans, but causes many inconveniences, including electrical crackling in clothes, hair standing on end, uncomfortable clothing, etc. To counteract the generation of these electrical charges, the aluminum foil beads in the drum absorb electrons from fabrics and prevent static electricity from building up in clothing.

  • Ensure better cleaning

If you go to the trouble of taking your clothes out of the washing machine and find that there are still some stubborn stains in them, you can rejoice! The balls of aluminum foil in the drum of your washing machine not only discharge your clothes from static electricity, but also help you get rid of stubborn stains on your laundry and make it cleaner. With this economic and ecological trick of the grandmother, you can maintain the quality of your clothes and keep them longer without using other chemical products. In addition, you can store the same balls of aluminum foil and reuse them for many months.

Aluminum foil ball tip: more amazing uses

In addition to the washing machine, the aluminum foil balls can also be used in other devices to achieve equally surprising results, namely in the dryer and dishwasher.

Why is it recommended to put aluminum foil in the dryer?

Just as in the washing machine, aluminum foil is also important in a clothes dryer because it is used on the same principle to neutralize static electricity generated by friction between fabrics. But in addition, foil balls can also reduce wrinkles on clothes. By separating textiles during drying, they actually help prevent wrinkles in the laundry. This means your clothes will come out of the dryer less wrinkled and will require less ironing. Some users even give it softening properties. In any case, they allow you to wear cleaner and more comfortable clothes.

Why do you need to put aluminum foil in the dishwasher?

Many people invest in dishwashers to save themselves the trouble of washing dishes. Unfortunately, this device does not always guarantee flawless cutlery after a machine wash. And this is where the aluminum foil ball comes into play. All you have to do is place a piece of aluminum foil (must not be squeezed) crumpled into a golf ball in the cutlery drawer before you start the regular dishwashing cycle. Then let the magic happen. At the end of the cycle, your cutlery will shine, nickel-chrome! And this is thanks to the chemical reaction between the dishwashing tabs and the aluminum, which also catches all the rust particles and prevents them from affecting your dishes.

In short, balls of aluminum foil are a cheap, ecological and very effective solution, both for your laundry and for your dishes. In addition, the points discussed in our article do not claim to be exhaustive. Do not hesitate to try them, you will surely get incredible results.