Do you want to say goodbye to bed bugs in the garden forever? Here is the solution that will help you get rid of chemical insecticides. You need to get these ingredients.

Bed bugs are very annoying insects that infest plants and sometimes cause them irreparable damage. How can you get rid of them permanently? With this natural recipe, you no longer need to buy insecticide.

Put an end to bed bugs in the garden: this is how you can take care of your plants

The green bugs, which infest our homes even in summer, especially if you live in the countryside, are disgusting looking insects, but not dangerous to our health. On the other hand, they are by no means harmless to plants and nature. They are small, green and smell unpleasant when crushed. They adhere to the leaves and not only suck the juice of plants, but also serve as carriers for bacteria and viruses that lead to important plant diseases.

The latter, in turn, can alter the growth of a species, prevent fruiting or flowering, and in the worst cases, even end the life cycle of a plant.

Nezare viridule, as their scientific name, often camouflage with foliage due to their green color, which distinguishes them from all other insects, making them difficult to identify. Their flat and flattened body then ensures that they can hide unnoticed in any part of the plant. What does not go unnoticed is the damage these insects can do to plants in our garden.

Bed bugs are considered harmless pests in agriculture, which must be controlled. There are several remedies to put an end to the problem. In nurseries or specialty stores you can find many insecticides, but they often contain chemicals. With the technique that we would like to present to you today, you can create a very simple recipe. With these 2 ingredients you can definitely put an end to bed bugs in the garden.

The natural recipe to get rid of bed bugs

When bed bugs infest your plants, it is really a serious problem. The danger that these insects pose to our plants is often underestimated. What you should be most concerned about is mainly the fact that they are also resistant to pretty strong pesticides and insecticides.

So, what to do when the insects attack the plants in our garden? In a domestic environment, control is easier, but in a vegetable garden or green space, the situation becomes more complicated. Fortunately, there are natural remedies that can help you really say goodbye to bed bugs in the garden. To make your own non-chemical insecticide, you only need 2 ingredients: baking soda and water.

Add one bag of baking soda to one gallon of water. Wait for the reaction between the two elements to complete and pour your solution into an atomizer. When you do this, make sure that the yeast has completely dissolved in the water.

You can now spray this mixture on the leaves and soil of your garden plants: the pests will disappear once and for all. With this remedy you can protect your plants from the attack of these dangerous insects. Yeast, which has natural properties that stun bed bugs and prevent them from returning to your garden, but is not the only natural solution to this problem.

Other ecological means to repel these insects

The bed bug infestation can also be kept under control thanks to other ingredients that are completely natural. For example, did you know that you can also make an ecological insecticide with garlic?

You need to mix one clove with a quart of boiling water and let the preparation macerate in the refrigerator for a week. Then after 7 days filter the solution into a spray bottle and moisten your plants with this mixture: the smell of garlic is so unpleasant to bed bugs that they immediately fly out of your garden.

And have you ever heard of diatomaceous earth? You can find it in garden stores. The dosage varies depending on the infestation you want to control. A small amount of this 100% natural product is usually enough to get rid of bed bugs.

Another very useful tip to counteract the infestation of bed bugs: they do not tolerate strong and pungent odors. Therefore, you could make solutions based on rosemary, basil or sage. This will ensure that bed bugs never come near your garden again.

Now that you have learned how to make natural bioinsecticides, you can say goodbye to bed bugs in the garden forever. If you notice that your plants have been infested by these insects, in addition to one of the above remedies, you will also need to carry out another intervention. Which? You must immediately start cutting off the diseased, bitten or changed leaves in appearance and color. Also clean the soil from rotting organic material that will surely surround your plant.