Wrinkled sheets are not the best thing if you want to benefit from a soft and peaceful sleep. The bedding must be clean, fragrant and wrinkle-free to give you the comfort you need.

If you spin a lot of washes in the washing machine, the sheets tend to wrinkle, while at the same time you are more likely to have to iron them. To avoid this dreaded tedious task, we can take simple measures to get the desired solution.

Goodbye wrinkled sheets

Crumpled sheets are not pleasant when we go to bed, but to make them feel smooth and tight, they need to be ironed. This is a process that is not only a real chore, but also affects the electricity bill. One tip for keeping sheets as wrinkle-free as possible is a simple trick that requires only one ingredient. A simple spoon of a natural product that we have at home in your washing machine could therefore be enough to make the difference in preventing those hateful wrinkles in your bedding! In doing so, we resort to a specific product to soften the fibers of the sheet: white vinegar . This is the best natural alternative to fabric softener.

White vinegar: the natural softener par excellence

Although white vinegar is now widely known as an exceptional household product, many of us are still unaware of its effectiveness on textiles. Instead, white vinegar has the advantage of having evolved over time into a valuable ally in the washing and care of laundry and clothing. Thanks to white vinegar, your fabrics can regain their color and vibrancy. Not to mention, unlike many fabric softeners, it is a safe product for the skin and is also ideal for those who are susceptible to the chemicals found in commercial fabric softeners.

Many people love the smell of their fabric softener and wouldn’t want to replace it with vinegar forever! Well, those “lavender” fabric softener fans can alternate their use. Use white vinegar, but with the addition of a few drops of an essential oil of your choice, such as lavender, lemongrass or eucalyptus. Over time, the ability to not have to “iron” large amounts of laundry each time, thanks to the use of white vinegar as a fabric softener, may outweigh the smell. Not to mention that white vinegar can be used to wash white clothes to make them white, as is done with sodium bicarbonate, for example. And if you are still not convinced of the benefits of using white vinegar, consider that it simply extends the life of your washing machine. For this reason, it is enough to perform a vacuum with water and white vinegar once or twice a month. The machine will be as good as new.