Put chestnuts in front of the windows of your house: you will finally be free from this intruder. Let’s dive deeper into this infallible trick together.

Chestnuts on the windowsill

We’re in the midst of the fall season, with winter just around the corner. This season is symbolized mainly by chestnuts. When we see chestnuts, we immediately think of autumn and let us immerse ourselves in a unique and inimitable atmosphere. Their warm color, their unmistakable fragrance, their enveloping taste. Definitely one of the most popular and iconic fruits of all time. Its properties are beneficial both for the health of the body (if we take all its vitamins) and as a beauty product. Not everyone knows that chestnuts are excellent allies for our scalp.

In short, they are a true gift of nature. When this season comes, from October to December, we fill our house with chestnuts. They are beautiful on a decorative level and taste delicious roasted or boiled. Not everyone knows that there is an old trick of our grandmothers in which chestnuts are the protagonists. Our grandmothers – who were always right – placed them on the windowsills and also on the furniture in the house. The reason will surprise you, let’s see why they did it.

Chestnuts as a remedy for this problem

Our ancestors managed to find extremely effective and unimaginable solutions to any problem, no matter how small. Placing our chestnuts on the windowsill is a very old remedy, which took root in very distant times. If we still talk about it today, it means that there is an underlying truth. The main purpose of this practice is to remove spiders from our home for good. Unfortunately, in the winter, when it is very cold and the humidity rises, spiders try to find shelter in warm, dry places. Our houses are ideal. It is practically impossible to prevent their entry: They manage to penetrate through very thin cavities and small holes. However, with this method, we can certainly prevent it.

Spiders are usually harmless animals, many are convinced that they are lucky animals and ignore their presence, if it is not awkward and exaggerated. In fact, according to many popular beliefs, the presence of a spider in the house symbolizes a good omen. However, for many others, spiders cause strong disgust and discomfort. There is also a significant portion of people who suffer from a real phobia, called arachnophobia. Just the thought or sight of a spider of any size triggers a real sense of panic in people who suffer from this phobia. The heartbeat accelerates, the hands sweat and breathing becomes difficult. Especially in this category, it is imperative to eradicate the presence of spiders. Here you will learn how to keep them away without harming them.

Permanently remove spiders from your home this way

Spiders, like many other insects, can understandably cause strong disgust in those who encounter them. Various shapes, colors and sizes that please very few people in the world. It is not at all pleasant to have them in your home. Despite this bad reputation among people, spiders are important small creatures for the proper functioning of our ecosystem and biodiversity. Trying to get rid of them without killing them is unfortunately not the prerogative of many people who eliminate spiders without thinking about it. If you care about their survival (but not in your home), this is the method for you.

Chestnuts in the window

Chestnuts have a smell and aroma that repels spiders. Their smell keeps them away. To enhance the smell, we recommend drilling holes in the fruit in question. This way you can keep them away, especially if you place chestnuts in several corners of the house. With this method, you do not even have to spend a penny on buying various insect repellents. However, if you want to flood the whole house with chestnut scent, you can purchase special deodorants. Scented house and not even the shadow of a spider!