To solve a very common problem at home, it is good to put cloves in an orange. Here is why and how. Cleaning the house and solving all the problems that arise in the domestic environment is by no means an easy task, which is why it is important to resort to valid natural remedies. These are good green hacks that do not use chemicals and do not require spending significant amounts of money. One of the main problems is to fight the bad odors that form in the kitchen and bathroom. We often resort to the use of chemicals to permanently eliminate unpleasant odors, but they are not always the most effective solution to solve this common problem in the home. Using valid natural, organic and green remedies will allow you to say goodbye for good to the odors coming from the bathroom or kitchen.

Bad odors in the house: where do they originate?

The kitchen and bathroom are the places where bad odors form. Cooked food, fried food, the intense smell of fish, garlic, onions, the smell of broth and sauces are unpleasant and can penetrate clothes and fabrics. The garbage can is one of the objects where bad smells are formed: Crumbs, spills, and food scraps can accumulate over time and contribute to odors.

The kitchen sink is also one of the places where stench likes to develop: standing water, food scraps, detergent foam, dust, lime encrustations, vegetable oils, pasta water and potatoes all contribute to drain clogging. Consequently, a terrible stench comes out of the sink and spreads throughout the room.

Bathroom is also one of the domestic environments where bad smells are formed. For example, think about the toilet bowl , where many colonies of germs and bacteria lurk and stagnant water comes into contact with feces and urine. The shower drain is also the place where unpleasant odors are formed: Lime deposits, soap residues, hair, dead skin cells, etc. form here. How to get rid of bad odors that form in the bathroom and kitchen? Let’s find out.

Eliminate bad odors: put cloves in the orange

Chemical products are not always the most effective solution to eliminate bad odors that form in the home, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. A natural remedy and a method to perfume the home environment is to add cloves in the orange peel. The union of the clove aroma with the intense citrus peel aroma brings to life a long-lasting and very pleasant perfume. Cloves in orange peel are not only a perfumer for the home environment, but also a great natural way to decorate the environment with creativity . Orange and cloves are two natural, ecological and absolutely green ingredients that can be easily found in our pantry.