Cloves are generally appreciated and recognized for their unique smell. In this article you will learn why it is recommended to place them both behind the door of your bathroom and in other areas of the house. At first glance, this trick may seem surprising. But placing a few cloves behind your bathroom door will deter some pests.

Why put carnations behind the bathroom door?

Carnations have many virtues, both cosmetic and medicinal. In addition, they also help keep certain pests away, especially silverfish.  Although they are not a threat, they are considered pests that can damage papers, books and even food in your pantry. If you have ever noticed small holes with yellowish stains in your books or on your clothes, it is very likely that your home is infested with these “silverfish”. Cloves are indeed the ideal solution to get rid of this insect, which is mainly found in dark places like basements, as well as in damp areas like the bathroom. Silverfish are particularly sensitive to the smell of this spice.

How to get rid of silverfish with cloves?

To get rid of silverfish, all you need to do is arrange a few cloves in small containers and place them behind doors and in any area that might attract these pests. You can also put a handful in small muslin bags and then place them in the cabinets of your bathroom or on the baseboards. That should be enough to keep them away. For more efficiency, it is advisable to repeat this process regularly until you notice the final disappearance. Moreover, the deterrent effect of cloves does not only come into play for silverfish, as they can also be used as an insect repellent.

Other natural alternatives to effectively repel silverfish.

If you don’t have cloves, there are other natural products that can get rid of silverfish.

  • Cinnamon: To scare away silverfish, you can also count on the smell of cinnamon to help these pests. To do this, start by identifying the cracks and gaps where the latter are located and then place cinnamon sticks there. It is also possible to use cinnamon powder, pour it into a few containers like small bowls and then place them on the affected areas. Also, to maintain the deterrent effect of cinnamon, it is advisable to change it every week.
  • Lavender oil: is another way to get rid of silverfish. To do this, dilute a teaspoon of lavender essential oil in a glass of water and then pour the resulting solution into a spray bottle. All you need to do is spray this natural repellent on the cracks and other corners of the house that are infested with this pest. For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to apply this solution once a day.
  • Diatomaceous earth is another natural approach to eliminating silverfish. To use it, simply identify the areas where silverfish like to hide and then spread the powder there. Also remember to place some on baseboards, as pests like to settle in these areas. Also prefer food grade diatomaceous earth as it is considered safe for pets and humans.

With these natural and easy-to-use tips, you can say goodbye to silverfish for good.