A clove of garlic can be useful not only in the kitchen to prepare extraordinary dishes, but also in the bathroom.

Apparently, a clove of garlic has so many benefits, maybe that’s why housewives love it and can’t live without it. There are those who keep it under their pillow, those who rub it on the curtains, those who use it to repel insects, and then there are those who throw it in the toilet. It certainly seems strange, because actually the toilet is an unusual place to pour garlic. But apparently it manages to eliminate all bacteria in a few minutes by acting effectively, much better than any detergent suitable for cleaning the bathroom.

Clean the bathroom by eliminating germs and bacteria and thoroughly disinfect the toilet

Flushing the toilet is not difficult, a sponge and the right products are enough for this. Nevertheless, we can say with certainty that in this way the bathroom is clean, but not disinfected, because often the germs and bacteria remain, they do not disappear completely. However, you must be careful, because from a toilet not perfectly disinfected, you can get a lot of infections, sometimes even dangerous. The best means to devote to thoroughly clean the toilet is to use a certain solution prepared at home with vinegar and baking soda. If you add a clove of garlic to these two ingredients, the result will be one of the best.

Why use garlic to flush the toilet?

Garlic is an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent, it contains allicin that constantly protects against bacteria and parasites. When it is poured into the toilet, it changes the environment and makes it unsuitable for bacteria. For this reason, the fungi can no longer thrive. That is why many housewives throw it into the toilet, it helps to get rid of bacteria permanently for a few days.

Just peel a clove of garlic, throw it into the toilet water in the evening before going to bed . We choose to do it in the evening because the night is the only time of day when it is used less or maybe not at all. So, garlic has much more time to work. As soon as you get up the next day, you flush the toilet by flushing and that’s it. Germs and bacteria will no longer exist.

Pour garlic into the toilet to remove germs and yellow stains

This remedy can provide excellent results from the first try, but it is necessary to use it at least twice a week to ensure that the toilet is spotless. Garlic actually keeps any sanitary facility disinfected due to its antifungal and microbial properties and can be used in a variety of ways. For example, making garlic tea and pouring it into bathroom fixtures can remove yellow stains.

To prepare garlic tea, boil two and a half cups of water with three cloves of garlic in it. The solution is then poured into the cup and yellowed bathroom fixtures as soon as it is cold. The stains will practically disappear by themselves without any effort or loss of time.

The thousand benefits of garlic

Garlic has always been a panacea for humans and for this reason is considered a natural antibiotic, the ideal remedy for seasonal ailments. It manages to counteract colds and flu, so much so that sailors and soldiers in ancient Rome used it regularly, both to enjoy good health and to increase their physical resistance.

Its properties are many, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, digestive, anti-cancer, antioxidant. It is good for the heart, lowers blood pressure and fights bad cholesterol. Once you discover its many abilities, leaving is really difficult, if not impossible.