Although you already have a state-of-the-art washing machine, natural remedies remain timeless and ageless. From an ecological point of view, to protect the environment, certain ingredients are even generally recommended to reduce the harmful effects of chemical products. Among them, table salt is particularly popular for certain daily household tasks. Quickly discover this ecological, economical and surprisingly effective way to clean your clothes.

In fact, putting salt in the washing machine not only guarantees the cleanliness of the machine, but also allows you to wash your clothes perfectly, making them more and more bright and fragrant. And this is thanks to the stain-removing, brightening and deodorizing properties of this natural mineral. Contrary to expectations, salt has not only culinary benefits, salt is a versatile ingredient whose use is often surprising and yet very skillful. So here is the easiest and cheapest way to maintain your washing machine and take care of your wardrobe.

What are the benefits of salt on your clothes?

  • Bright colors

Over time, it is common for clothes to lose color brilliance and vibrancy. You may find that the red of your beloved shirt is no longer as shimmering, or that your favorite pants have lost their smooth black and now look dull and grayish. To overcome fading and have a brighter wardrobe, there are some very useful homemade tips that will help you correct the colors of our clothes. From now on, get into the habit of putting a cup of salt in the washing machine with your new clothes to maintain the color of your laundry.

  • Stubborn stains

No matter how careful we are, during a meal we are never safe from oily grease stains on our clothes. It only takes a minute of inattention to get splattered with a few drops of coffee, ketchup, wine or sauce. And poof, as if by accident, it often happens when you’re wearing a fancy ensemble or a gorgeous red dress in the evening. Don’t panic: After the frustration, there’s always someone around to tell you a grandma secret to quickly get rid of that unsightly stain. You will then be asked to sprinkle a little salt on your clothes. And even if you are rather skeptical, this trick really works!

Salt crystals are mainly composed of sodium chloride and have the ability to whiten clothes and remove stubborn grease stains. However, this remedy is really effective only on fresh stains: leave it on for half an hour and you will be pleased to see that the grease has disappeared. Something to save the day before washing for a while!

  • Yellow armpits, sweat stains

Plagued by dirt and sweat, white shirts and t-shirts in particular often show ugly yellow stains in the underarm area. These are stubborn stains that are not easily removed, let alone with a gentle wash. Some stain removers are also not good enough to remove them completely. Who would have thought it, but salt has the ability to clean your clothes and remove those unsightly yellowish stains.

What’s next. Soak the affected areas with a good handful of salt, let it sit for a while before rubbing it in vigorously and rinsing thoroughly. If this solution is inconclusive, you can immerse your garment in a basin of hot water: Pour in 3 tablespoons of coarse salt and let it soak for about an hour. Then proceed with the usual machine washing. The stains will disappear completely.

NB: For an even more optimal effect, we recommend you mix the salt with other natural ingredients with strong stain-removing and whitening properties, such as white vinegar, lemon juice or baking soda.

Cleaning the washing machine with salt and white vinegar

If salt has great virtues for cleaning clothes and taking care of the drum of the washing machine, another product is also known for cleaning the device as well as for various other household tasks. It is, of course, white vinegar. You can rely on it to remove limescale, detergent residue and encrusted mold from the appliance. Rely on it to extend the life of your washing machine. Just add a half cup of salt to your white vinegar for even more guaranteed satisfaction. Your washing machine has never been cleaner!