Have you ever spread shaving cream on a broom? – Here I will show you why you should do this!

The fact that shaving foam has wonderful cleansing properties is certainly not news to you. I already have a lot of articles showing what you can clean with shaving cream. But here’s a new shaving cream cleaning tip that you absolutely need to know.

Because we clean our bathtub with shaving cream. Of course, you can also do it in the shower! But since we don’t want to bend down, we use a broom to help us. Because you can spray shaving cream on it and then coat the entire tub with it.

You should then wait 15 to 30 minutes before wiping the bathtub again with the broom. And once that’s done, all you have to do is rinse everything with water.

It’s so easy to clean your shower or bathtub with shaving cream, even without having to bend down. Don’t forget to try this ingenious cleaning tip on yourself!