In addition to promoting good oral hygiene, toothpaste has hidden properties that many people are not aware of. Its versatility is such that it can serve as a perfect cleaning agent for coloring and whitening various dirty surfaces in the home. Find out why frozen toothpaste is of great use to you for cleaning certain elements.

Why is it good to freeze toothpaste?

To maintain our oral health, toothpaste is a daily necessity. But against all odds, this paste has other unexpected benefits besides its main purpose of whitening, cleaning and protecting our teeth. Toothpaste proves to be a very effective household cleaning agent: you can use it widely to remove stains on your laundry or remove visible dirt on various surfaces in the house.

There is also a trick that will simplify your task: it may seem absurd to you, but putting toothpaste in the freezer, is a cleaning technique that is becoming increasingly popular. After freezing, the paste will help you eliminate strong and unpleasant odors that conventional products have difficulty eliminating quickly. What is the next step? It is better to squeeze out the paste into ice cube trays, for example, and then put it in the freezer. Let the toothpaste solidify for about 5 hours. You will then have handy cubes that you can apply to the surfaces you want to clean, disinfect or deodorize.

Each cube is therefore very useful, for example, to clean wooden boards impregnated with strong odors of fish, onions, garlic or cheese. But also, to scrub a floor infested with mold, clean cutlery and rusty, remove the gray patina or even descale the iron. In general, toothpaste is an excellent solution to eliminate bacteria and thoroughly disinfect various elements. As a bonus, thanks to these small frozen capsules, you’ll avoid waste and save some money on commercial cleaning products.

Tip: How to use frozen toothpaste to clean the freezer!

Toothpaste is also your best ally for washing the rubber seals in your freezer. For this cleaning, you will need a bowl of water, an old toothbrush, and a cube of frozen dough. Wet the rubber seals with a damp cloth, put the toothpaste on the old toothbrush and scrub the entire surface of the seal. Then wipe off the rest of the toothpaste with another damp cloth.

NB: Of course, if the rubber is very dirty or moldy, first apply a disinfectant to the gasket to remove the black stains. Only then you can apply toothpaste.

How to clean the bathroom with toothpaste?

To make the sanitary elements, including the sink, toilet, bathtub and shower, shine, nothing beats a strong agent based on baking soda and toothpaste. Thanks to their whitening and disinfecting properties, these two products will give your bathroom a remarkable shine. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Mix two tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of toothpaste. Stir carefully to obtain a homogeneous paste.
  • Apply this solution to the brush to clean toilets and other dirty areas. Rub gently, making sure to spread the remedy.
  • Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

You’ll notice how otherwise hard-to-remove tartar stains disappear in one fell swoop without much effort!

Another remedy: to restore shine to all elements of the bathroom, it is enough to spray a whitening and disinfecting product, such as white vinegar. Leave the liquid on the various surfaces for a few minutes. Then wipe with a lightly abrasive sponge and rinse with a strong stream of water. Be careful, be careful with the glass walls of the shower stall so as not to damage them! Wipe them with a dry cloth or paper towels to avoid unsightly stains or scratches.