There are so many tips regarding hair care: “use this ingredient, put this other one”, it doesn’t hurt to try, in fact, most of the time it revolutionizes the beauty routine! That’s why we wanted to try for you the latest trend in nape washing: sugar! And the results are really striking. But let’s proceed step by step.

Since, to implement this little trick the base is the usual shampoo, it is very important to choose a quality product (here you can find the results of a research on the best ones on the market). Of course, the offer is wide, but be careful how you spend your money. Check the list of components, to exclude the presence of silicones and parabens that ruin the stems, depleting them and making them dry. Alternate brands between purchases so as not to addict the scalp and always offer it the properties it needs.

Wash your hair once every other day, or daily if you play sports or hard work and live in a particularly polluted area. In this way, you will rid the skin of substances that can prevent optimal transpiration and strengthen the bulbs. If you can, avoid using hair dryers, straighteners or the like as much as possible; high temperatures will wear down the stems. Follow a balanced diet, rich in zinc, copper and B vitamins.

Put this secret ingredient in your shampoo: you won’t believe your eyes

When you buy a shampoo, before you use it, add three teaspoons of sugar directly into the bottle; shake it well so that you distribute it evenly each time you use it. With this little secret trick, you will achieve multiple benefits. The sugar grains will perform a gentle exfoliation (needless to say!) on the scalp, ridding it of dead cells, dirt and excess sebum. With just one ingredient you will thus achieve great results: you will strengthen the bulbs, ensuring thick and long hair. In short, you will stimulate its growth, ensuring strength and health. You will say goodbye to oily, brittle and fall-prone hair.

All this, simply by adding sugar! We tested this new trend and can assure you that within a month, we noticed amazing results! Everyone noticed it! What to say? You just have to sweeten your trusted products and check for yourself! You will never go back!