With the return of high temperatures, your flowers can suffer. They suffer from heat waves, much more than you think. Moreover, to keep them healthy, experts recommend using some simple but effective tricks to prevent them from wilting. One of them is the use of yeast. It sounds like an unlikely remedy to you, but it is a first-choice fertilizer. Your flowerpots will be transformed!

Pot culture is becoming more and more popular. Garden lovers love taking care of their plants and watching them grow day after day. As a bonus, this option can enhance various spaces such as balconies or terraces. Both indoors and outdoors, potted plants require less time and care than traditional plantings in the garden. In addition, you have the opportunity to grow aromatic herbs or ornamental plants that add a real tropical touch to the interior. However, certain maintenance rules are essential to prolong their life.

Especially in summer, it is essential to protect your plants from the harmful effects of the sun. If your flowers are very delicate, it is still best to put them in the shade to avoid damage. Remember to water them regularly, even daily, so they do not dry out. Finally, if it remains unavoidable, do not abuse fertilizing in hot weather. Too much fertilizer is likely to burn the roots. For this reason, we recommend that you apply your usual chemical fertilizer the kibosh and instead swap it for this unexpected trick that will work wonders for your flowers.

What if you add yeast to your flower pots?

If you are a big fan of houseplants, you should definitely know the following tricks. Many don’t know it, but yeast is one of the most powerful fertilizers. Rich in organic iron, minerals and trace elements, it eliminates root-damaging substances in the soil and promotes good plant growth. Yeast helps them become healthier and more resistant to temperature changes. It also allows them to tolerate travel more easily.

Forget chemical fertilizers for a moment, make way for this natural and economical fertilizer that will give you excellent flowering. What’s next. Dissolve ¼ lb. of fresh yeast in 2 cups of water and leave for two hours. Then mix the resulting solution with 5 quarts of water and spray your plants with this liquid once a week.

Another tip: While you are at it, we invite you to try this other natural method, little known but promising. Use onion skins to make your potted flowers grow healthier and well revitalized. Put a handful of peels in a pot with 2 quarts of water. Bring to a boil, then let steep for two days. Then dilute the solution with water in the ratio 1: 5. Then water the plants twice a week. Onion skins are antibacterial and antioxidant. They are very rich in vitamins and minerals to stimulate plant growth.

Tips for beautiful flowers in pots

Potted plants are not only decorative, but they completely detoxify and purify the air we breathe. So, you benefit from a real oxygen bottle in the house. However, it is important to take into account some important details. First of all, it is important to know well the characteristics of each flower.

In particular, you need to know how to recognize the frequency of watering. Some plants need water once a week, while others need it every day. In general, you should not let the soil dry out or get too wet. During the hot season, your plants deserve more attention and regular watering, so they don’t dry out. When fall arrives, keep them warm indoors but water them as little as possible. To make the most of the light, it is advisable to place them near a window.

Useful tips:

  • Place your flowerpots on supports

To prevent the entry of pests (aphids, mosquitoes, scale insects and mites) that can enter the pot through the drainage holes, you can use black soap and baking soda, it is an excellent remedy that is both natural and non-toxic. Filter a tablespoon of liquid soap into 1 quart of warm water and pour in a teaspoon of baking soda. Mix everything together and use a spray bottle to spray the flowerpot. Don’t just put the pots on the grass, because it will stop growing and can ruin your lawn.

In summer, the soil dries very quickly. To slow down this process, put a layer of peat moss over the potting soil to retain moisture longer. To prevent the pot with a sun-loving plant overheat, wrap it in paper or cloth.