With the arrival of summer, you feel like preparing only simple, fresh and quick recipes. Let’s see what happens when you mix sugar and mint. Two simple ingredients can give a great result. We are sure that once you try sugar and mint, you will not give it up.

Sugar and mint: why mix them?

In summer, when the temperatures are scorching, you don’t feel like cooking, you just feel like fresh and easy to prepare food. Among the things you most want to do is drink to keep yourself hydrated and lower your body temperature. Case in point. Mint.

Mint is an aromatic plant that is often used to prepare drinks and infusions because of its fresh aroma and beneficial properties. With its fresh aroma and refreshing mouthfeel, when consumed, even as a drink, it can help refresh the palate and give a feeling of freshness. Its digestive properties are also known. It can help relieve digestive problems such as indigestion, flatulence and bloating. Drinking mint tea after meals can aid digestion.

No less important are the calming properties that help relieve stress and anxiety. The mint aroma can help clear the respiratory tract and relieve nasal and sinus congestion. Mint contains antioxidant compounds that can help fight oxidative stress and cell damage in the body. However, today we suggest you create a delicious recipe that you can nibble on summer evenings alone or with friends on the terrace to take advantage of the properties of mint.

The recipe to follow

You will need mint and sugar to prepare cookies with a taste reminiscent of the English After Eight chocolate with its irresistible cream. Of course, the combination of sugar and mint is by no means new, but has its origins in 1962, when the intuition came to the manager of Rowntree, Brian Sollitt, who created the After Eight in Britain: a delicious and light dessert to be consumed after dinner and thus after eight o’clock in the evening.

Among the equipment you need, a simple hand blender stands out. Then you need a spatula to mix the ingredients. All palates will be satisfied and the little ones in the house will be seduced by the intense green color that will characterize the sugar and mint cookies.

  • The ingredients you need for four people are: Flour (1/2 lb.), chocolate chips (2 ounces), soft butter (1/4 lb.), sugar (1/4 lb.), mint leaves (1 ounce), a large egg, baking powder and extra virgin olive oil to taste.
  • Before you start preparing, preheat the oven to 356 degrees. You will need a baking sheet to line with baking paper.
  • Wash the mint and let it dry. Put it in a bowl with the sugar and dip the mixer to finely chop the ingredients. Then it’s the turn of the egg and butter. Sift the flour onto the mixture, which must now be worked with a spatula.
  • The yeast and chocolate drops are the last two ingredients to be added. The mixture is worked with oiled hands. You need to form balls that you place on the baking paper. The size of the balls should be as close as possible.
  • Cooking takes about 15 minutes, although each oven is different. Once they are ready, let them cool and enjoy with a cold drink.