Do you know why you should put steel wool in the washing machine? Many housewives do this, but the reason is not yet clear to everyone.

Many people do not know how useful this accessory is, but those who have tried it will definitely not be able to do without it. This is what this method is all about.

Why use it?

Have you ever used steel wool? As we have already seen, this is a Metallica sponge.

Many have had the opportunity to use it and once they tried it, they never stopped.

For example, it seems logical to get your washing machine back into tip-top shape in just a few simple steps.

In fact, today we really want to make you understand how easy it will be to restore your washing machine and bring it back to the optimal condition of the past just by using this sponge.

The washing machine is one of the most important appliances that we have in our home. We wash everything we get dirty in the washing machine, from underwear to clothes, bedding, towels and more.

For this reason, it is essential to take care of this device and not neglect it, as this could create a whole series of germs and bacteria that could then settle on our clothes.

A neglected washing machine will definitely damage anything we wash in it. For this reason, it is important to keep them healthy, but the process could be complicated.

There are really many products in the market that we can use to clean the washing machine, but since most of them are industrial and chemical products, they may not prove to be as effective.

Cleaning the washing machine, natural remedies or industrial products?

In fact, in some cases, some of these products may pose additional risks to your washing machine. It would therefore be better to opt for various natural remedies.

Some of them are based on natural products and are often easily available even in your pantry. You could fix the problem without much effort.

Today we want to offer you a fairly simple procedure that you can use and implement in a few moments and above all without complications.
Steel wool in the washing machine and baking soda, here’s how to do it

Take the baking soda and add two or three spoonfuls of it to the drum of the washing machine.

Immediately afterwards, add the metal sponge and start a wash cycle. Then wait about a quarter of an hour, remove the sponge and complete the washing process.

Once this is complete, you will find that the scouring pad and baking soda have not only thoroughly cleaned your drum, but also removed bad odors and left everything as clean and fragrant as before.