Giving new life to objects we have at home that we may no longer use is definitely something excellent. This is from several points of view: first of all, to avoid waste and the accumulation of waste in the environment, but also to give a touch of originality to our home. Among the most versatile items, in this sense, we definitely find plastic bottles. There are so many items that can be made from unused plastic bottles. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Creative recycling: here’s how to reuse plastic bottles

In the present article we will see how to make some useful objects by recycling plastic bottles.

For example, we can make very cute and functional item holders. We can also use small bottles, not necessarily large ones. We will just cut the neck of the bottle so as to create an opening through which we will store our items.

In the same way you could make original ornaments. You can embellish the bottles as you see fit: with simple tempera colors or with other decorative elements such as pipe cleaners, crepe paper or simple colored cardboard.

Do you have a garden or otherwise an outdoor space that might be frequented by birds? Well, you might think about making a small bird feeder: whether sparrows or other types of birds, a feeder can be useful in providing shelter and refreshment to these magical animals, which will cheer the environment with their “voice.” Drill holes in the bottle so that wooden utensils can be inserted. Use string so that it can hang; then fill it with feed and hang it from a tree!

Especially for little ones, a nice piggy bank could be very useful. Cut a hole in one side of the bottle: this will serve as a slot to insert pennies. Cover, then, the body of the bottle with decorations, such as decorated paper and whatnot. Of course, you can give free rein to your imagination. By applying specific feet and decorations, you can make little piglets!

Recycled plastic bottles in the garden

Finally, here are some outstanding uses for recycling plastic bottles and using them in the garden. You can make, for example, a DIY sprinkler. Drill the bottle at the bottom, to let out the water that will go to irrigate the garden; attach it properly to the water hose and in this way, you can cover a large area.

The potholder is also ingenious. Cut the bottom of the bottle to 4-6 inches high; cut out two auricles from the front and paint the bottom white or otherwise in such a way as to make a pattern to your liking