Almost all houses have exactly the same problem that drives tenants to despair. We are talking about the smell of the bathroom, which is very often unpleasant, to say the least, despite particularly thorough cleaning and impeccable hygiene. Even with daily cleaning, these smelly odors rage on in the bathroom and inevitably in the rest of the house. How to fix it once and for all? Fortunately, there are solutions you can use to put an end to unpleasant odors in your bathroom. The first thing that comes to mind is to rely on chemicals to fix the problem. In reality, it is possible to intervene with natural elements that prove to be very effective.

Bad odors from the toilet: with these two ingredients you will make them disappear

Two simple ingredients are enough to be applied once a week to neutralize all bad odors from the toilet. However, in order to intervene in the best way, it is necessary to understand the cause that triggers the bad smell. If the problem comes from the pipes, the application of two ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda and coarse salt will prove to be crucial so that the annoying smell becomes only a bad memory. Baking soda and coarse salt, which seem quite similar in texture, have amazing cleaning abilities and stain removal and are also excellent deodorizers. In addition, these products are natural, ecological and cheap: it is no coincidence that many prefer them to industrial chemical products that are not only very expensive, but also have a significant impact on the environment.

The first step is always the same, namely, to thoroughly disinfect the bathroom and toilets: Then a spoonful of baking soda is poured into the toilet. Once this process is completed, half a cup of coarse salt is poured in, and half is poured into the toilet immediately after pouring the baking soda. The obtained mixture takes a few minutes to act: Then the toilet is flushed. Shortly after, the rest of the coarse salt is poured into the cup and left in the toilet until the next use. A really simple trick, so much so that some doubt its effectiveness: instead, the mixture of bicarbonate and coarse salt is ideal for eliminating bad odors from the bathroom.

Bicarbonate in the toilet: another very effective solution

In fact, each of the ingredients plays a crucial role: the sodium bicarbonate quickly eliminates all the bad odors on the surface, while the coarse salt has the task of killing all the bacteria in the pipes, thus definitively blocking the sewerage of the odors that escape. Bacteria and gases from the sewage are mainly responsible for these bad odors.

But since the solution with the toilet is so effective, can the same be done in other bathroom drains and other sinks in the house? Of course, it does, but at most once a week, just like with the toilet. If an unpleasant odor remains even after this process, you can also use bamboo charcoal, an ecological product capable of absorbing unpleasant odors and dehumidifying the air, as well as minimizing the development of mold and pathogenic fungi. Simply place the bamboo charcoal near the toilet to bring a real breath of fresh air.