It’s not baking soda that we’re going to write about today, it’s not the protagonist of this innovative method of thoroughly cleaning your washing machine.

Of course, it remains one of the most indispensable ingredients in household cleaning. Disinfectant, degreaser, together with vinegar, it combines to offer us an ecological and economical mixture, very effective! We usually use it to clean the basket, the drawer, eliminate bad odors in the kitchen and bathroom, dissolve limescale and mold. In short, it’s a multipurpose product, that’s true, but how much effort! Rub, rub, rinse, dry. Salt is also very useful. It is also able to clean in a commendable way and not only. Like baking soda, it absorbs moisture, frees us from annoying condensation and makes surfaces shine.

There’s more and there’s even better! Thing? Let’s find out together!

It’s not baking soda, but this is the ingredient you should put in your washing machine drawer! Lemon alone is the ingredient that solves endless problems for your laundry and your washing machine. For example, if one of your garments is stained, a few drops of juice is all you need as a pre-treatment before washing. And not only that: as it is a powerful whitener, it will make your clothes as white as snow. But it is in the care of the washing machine that it reveals its greatest potential.

On its own, it degreases, disinfects thanks to its antifungal and antibacterial effect, dissolves limescale, mold and fragrances. You don’t need anything else, you don’t need to struggle, just get two or three, squeeze them and filter the juice. Dilute it with a little water and pour the mixture into the detergent drawer. Empty the drum completely and start an empty wash, preferably at high temperatures. The acids and properties of citrus fruits also clean the internal gears, the loading and unloading pipes and the seals in a gentle but very effective way.

You do not need any special cleaning agents, although you can find many on the market. They are very expensive and the price we are referring to is not simply the cheapest. The environment also pays for it, as they contain chemical additives that are harmful to the environment. Lemon juice, on the other hand, is harmless and biodegradable and is able to sanitize your washing machine and leave a delicate, lingering scent of cleanliness! What are you waiting for to give it a try!