If you water your plants with this special water, your plants will grow immediately, and you will be amazed. Here is what we are talking about.

Everyone who has plants knows exactly that they need to be taken care of and some precautions need to be taken so that they are always healthy, lush and blooming. It is essential to take into account certain factors such as temperature, location and direct light, which change from plant to plant depending on the plant.

It is therefore necessary to understand the needs of your plant so that it can grow optimally. However, these are not the only factors, because there is also watering and the use of fertilizers. Even in this case, each plant has its own needs and there are plants that require more or less water and a different type of fertilizer.

Today, however, we will see a product with which you can water your plants that will surprise you because it will give excellent results in a very short time. It’s about water, but not just the water you use every day to water your plants. Let’s see what we talk about in the following paragraph.

Plants: Use this type of water

As we said, plants need to be taken care of, and now we’ll show you a really easy way to water plants other than just tap water. Let’s talk about rice water or the water you get when you cook or rinse rice. It is a plant fertilizer that is not only readily available, but also economical and environmentally friendly.

Rice cooking water is rich in properties. In fact, it contains many minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc. Also, all the vitamins of group B. However, to use the rice cooking water you do not need to use salt, as this is harmful to plant health.

What you need to do is simple, because it is enough to cook the rice and when it is time to drain it, do it in a bowl. Before using the rice water, make sure it has cooled down well, and then pour your plant directly into the soil. You can also transfer the rice water into a spray bottle and use it to spray the leaves of your plants . It can also be used not only for potted plants but also for garden plants including vegetables.

Rice water is actually suitable for all types of plants, but to use it in orchids, you need to dilute it with standing water. You can repeat this passage of rice water to the plants about once a week and you will see that you will notice the results immediately because they will be obvious. It is best to use rice water freshly prepared or after a few hours. In fact, this can be stored at room temperature for only one day. Also, with rice water you provide plants with rice starch, which is very useful because it contains sugars that plants use for photosynthesis. By adding it to the plant, it helps in this process.