Use this ingredient quickly and easily, effortlessly. It’s better than a kitchen sink. How it’s done. Dealing with a clogged sink can be a big deal. However, to solve it, it is always better to use a natural degreaser, which is more ecological and economical . In fact, the drain clogging solutions available in the market are artificial chemicals that can be harmful to your health. But you do not have to resort to these products if you know effective natural ways to clean a sink. All you need is boiling water, white vinegar and baking soda.

How to do?

To apply this natural trick to unclog a sink, we can use water and baking soda or alternatively white vinegar. In fact, these ingredients have the power to destroy the residues that cause the clog. This is because baking soda and vinegar have powerful descaling properties, just what we need to remove clogs from our drains .

To make our natural remedy, we need: boiling water , half a glass of baking soda , a cup , a bucket , the drain plug of the sink and half a cup of white vinegar. If the clogged sink is full of water, it must be emptied with a cup and a bucket before use . Indeed, for the trick to work, the sink must be empty enough for the ingredients to work.

At this point, we can pour a pot of boiling water and half a jar of baking soda down the drain. Let it soak for a few minutes and then pour in the half cup of white vinegar as well. After that, we close the sink drain with the plug and let it work. After a few minutes, everything that clogged the sink should have cleared up. To make sure you have removed all residue, we can pour a final bowl of boiling water. Especially in the case of a major blockage, it may be useful to repeat the process regularly . If the results obtained are not satisfactory, a plunger can be used to combine manual force with the action of the natural products.

Other natural techniques, better than a sink

As an alternative to the solution of water, bicarbonate and vinegar, we can clean a sink with liquid dishwashing detergent. To do this, simply boil about 2 quarts of water in a pot and add two tablespoons of liquid detergent. The dishwashing detergent is ideal for cleaning a sink because of its cleaning and descaling properties, which apply even against the most stubborn stains and possible incrustations. Once we have prepared our solution, we mix everything and pour it down the drain. Then run some more warm water to thoroughly clean the entire drain.

Another method to clean a clogged sink involves using rock salt and hot water. The hot water combined with coarse salt works in depth and increases the significant descaling power of the salt. To use this method, simply pour half a cup of coarse salt down the drain and then two quarts of boiling water. To ensure that the salt is completely disposed of and no residue remains in the drain, we can still run some hot water from the tap.