When you go to the doctor, it can sometimes be hard to understand medical terminology. In addition, special doctor codes have been invented to cryptically describe their patients among themselves. These codes are for internal use only and are not always meant to be taken entirely seriously. With these 9 codes your doctor “blasphemes” about you.  

Here are some of the secret doctor codes: 

  • Patient is externally pigmented: This means the person is perceived as dirty or spotty.
  • We are suggesting an expansive therapy: This code simply means “we’ll wait and see” as the disease should go away on its own.
  • The patient suffers from foetor ex ore: Here, the staff complains about the bad breath.
  • Not very nice doctor codes: “Cerebral aplasia”.

Some of the codes are particularly mean and can be taken as insults, such as: 

  • A vacuum phenomenon above C zero: C zero describes the area above the spine, a vacuum here means a void in the head. The rest can be imagined.
  • Cerebral aplasia: This code means that a part of the brain is not formed.
  • In this case, there is a C2 problem: By this, doctors mean that the person is drunk.
  • A patient with a menopausal accentuated negative vitality fluctuation: This code simply means that a woman is particularly suffering from menopausal symptoms.
  • Complicated physician codes: “Signs of Mediterraneus disease.”

Other codes are more puzzling and difficult to understand: 

  • Signs of Mediterraneus Morbus: This describes patients’ low pain tolerance; why this code refers to people from the Mediterranean region is unclear.
  • Acute hypolorazepamemia requiring substitution: this code simply means that the person is unbearable without sedatives (“lorazepam” is a sedative, the appendix “-emia” refers to the bloodstream).

You should not take these codes too seriously, as they are meant rather humorously, or are deliberately worded differently so as not to openly offend anyone. As a patient, you always have the right to speak openly with your doctor and to ask questions if you do not understand something.