Who hasn’t opened a closet and smelled a very unpleasant odor? It has happened to all of us. In fact, it’s a common problem when our closets are never properly aired, or the clothes aren’t dry enough before being put away. The slightest trace of dampness can encourage the development of a musty odor. Don’t panic: We’ll give you some infallible tips based on natural ingredients that will help you get rid of those bad odors from your closet in no time!

Why does my laundry smell bad in my closet?

When clothes and shoes are stored in a place without adequate ventilation, it should come as no surprise that moisture builds up, especially in certain dusty corners of the closet. Not to mention some items that have been left for a while shouldn’t smell like roses either. Also, when washing your laundry, you must always make sure that it is optimally dried before final storage, otherwise traces of moisture will do their job. It is understandable that a musty smell will settle in your closets over time. Especially if you do not carry out regular ventilation. Especially since simply opening the cabinet is sometimes not enough to get rid of the problem. If moisture has settled there for a long time, a general cleaning is inevitable!

How to get rid of the unpleasant smell in the closet?

We never pay attention to it, but the room where we store our clothes, shoes and other accessories also requires careful and regular maintenance. If you do not clean your closets from time to time, you should not be surprised to notice a very characteristic musty smell, usually caused by the humidity concentrated inside. But rest assured, there is a simple as well as ingenious remedy to eliminate the damp smell that fills your closet. Your unexpected ally? Rice. Many people don’t know it, but this starch is a real secret weapon against moisture: it absorbs it quickly, protecting your clothes from bad odors.

The trick is simple: place grains of rice in several breathable cloth bags and place them in a corner of the closet, drawers and other places where you store your clothes. This way, the rice will absorb any moisture present, and your laundry will stay safe. Remember to change the rice every two weeks or so.

A tip: in the bags you can mix the rice with a few drops of essential oil (with the aroma of your choice). A lavender scent, for example, will keep your clothes fragrant and every time you open your closets, a very pleasant scent will escape.

Household air fresheners: put an end to nasty moisture smells!

Would you like to craft a homemade air freshener? Aromatic herbs are just ideal for removing moisture from cabinets and drawers. Lavender is especially recommended for a delicate floral aroma, but you can also use many other aromatic plants like thyme, rosemary or a few rose petals.

Here are the 3 steps to follow to make your own air freshener:

  1. Craft some small bags out of pieces of canvas. Remember to poke small holes in the bags to allow the aroma of the air freshener to escape.
  2. Lay the pieces of cloth on a flat surface and place an herbal blend of your choice in the center. Seal the bags by joining the four corners of the fabric in the middle and tying them together with a ribbon or string.
  3. Place them in your closet and drawers. You can even hang them directly on hangers. In a few days, the unpleasant smell will no longer be relevant!

How to get rid of bad odors in the shoe closet?

You are not used to airing out your shoes? Tell yourself that by systematically storing shoes that smell very bad, the smell will penetrate everywhere in the closet and it will be much more difficult to clean them. But luckily, there are some natural remedies you can use to get great results. Here are two valuable allies with remarkable deodorizing properties that will come to your rescue.

  • Baking soda

A master at cleaning, baking soda is a white powder with impressive versatility. This product is great for getting rid of the stuffy smell lurking in your shoe closet. Simply spray some on the surface and dust it off about half an hour later. Note: It’s important to make sure you don’t damage any materials in the closet beforehand.

  • White wine vinegar

The companion of baking soda is none other than white vinegar. It is also very popular in various household chores and for deodorizing surfaces around the house. Place an open container filled with white vinegar in your shoe closet. Let it soak for half an hour as well and then remove it. The only thing left behind is the smell of vinegar. Certainly, strong and intense, but it will always be better than the bad smell of shoes.

How do I get rid of the musty smell in my closet?

Here are some proven tricks to get rid of the musty smell that remains on your clothes.

  • Coffee beans

Coffee is a very effective home remedy for musty odors in the closet. Thanks to its intoxicating aroma and absorption capacity, you can quickly eliminate bad odors in clothes and shoes. To apply it is enough to put a few coffee beans in a bowl or in a cloth bag. To place directly in the closet. Replace these beans from time to time when you feel that the aroma is diminishing.

  • Soap

It may surprise you, but the most traditional remedy of our grandmothers is none other than soap. They often used it to get rid of the musty smell lurking in the drawers and closets of the house. To do this, place a bar of soap in a cloth bag or directly in the back of the closet. Soon enough, you will notice that the foul odor will gradually disappear.

  • Charcoal

Finally, activated charcoal also helps absorb moisture and eliminate the stale smell that fills poorly ventilated cabinets. Admittedly, it does not provide a special aroma, but it is enough to put a bag of activated charcoal to completely deodorize the room.