Mother Nature has given you a beautiful, generous chest! So, when you put on a shirt, there’s no getting around those pretty little gaps between each buttonhole! Luckily, we’ve found a handy way to help you solve this little fashion problem. Explanation!

How to hold the buttons of a shirt so that they no longer open at chest level?

Dear readers, you have certainly been confronted with a blouse that gapes between the buttonholes at chest level. This embarrassing situation should not worry you anymore, because we offer you a simple and effective solution that will allow you to fix the problem once and for all! The good news is that you don’t need a sewing machine, all you need is a thread, a needle and a bit of know-how. Let’s go!

Before you start, have the spare button ready (often it is included on the label on the inside of your garment). Once you have the button in your hands, it’s time to prepare the needle and thread. For a seamless, neat result, we recommend using thread in the same color as your blouse. Before you sew your new button onto your blouse, it’s important to keep the thread taut and position the button correctly at chest level. Next, sew your button on, starting at the inside edge of your shirt and keeping some distance from the hem of your blouse. Don’t forget to tie a knot after each needle stitch and check to make sure the thread is taut, and the button is secure – you’re done! The last step is to make a buttonhole by hand to be able to close the button. Here is an explanatory video to get there easily and quickly. Thanks to our technique, your shirt will stay closed from top to bottom and you won’t have to relive those awkward moments in public! But what about tops with buttons that transition into deep necklines? Is there a solution?

How do you hide the part of the neckline that gapes between the buttonholes?

TikTok is full of tips and tricks of all kinds that make our everyday lives a little easier! And if you’re worried that your top picks are going to pop off at any moment, TikToker’s Hannah Warling has the perfect solution. And you know what? This is the easiest and most practical method you can find on the internet! All you have to do is to close the bottom button with the top buttonhole of your cardigan and vice versa, it’s easy! This trick reduces the distance between the buttons, preventing them from leaning up against the pressure of your chest. Now you can put on your favorite shirt when it suits you, without worrying about accidentally unbuttoning it. You will stay excellent in all circumstances.