Do you know in which direction the coffee spoon should be turned? Clockwise or counterclockwise? There is an exact truth, here it is below.

In Italy, the history of coffee begins in 1570 in Venice. This is an integral part of Italian tradition and a sacred occasion for Italians. In a busy life, coffee stops for a moment. Leave it to reflection and the coffee break is a habit that no Italian can do without.

In our country, if you ask for a coffee in a bar, you will be served an espresso. This is nothing more than a coffee prepared on the spot in a hot cup that can be drunk in a few sips. Although there is a coffee culture in Italy, there are no suitable conditions for growing coffee plants here.

However, it is Italy that has spread this drink throughout the world. But do you know how to turn the coffee spoon? Clockwise or counterclockwise? There is a very specific answer given by the label. We could therefore call it coffee etiquette. Of course, coffee and good manners don’t always go together, but let’s look at the answer together below.

How to turn the spoon in the coffee

As we said, let’s talk about coffee etiquette. Etiquette is nothing more than a set of rules that help you behave properly. You could call them rules of good behavior, but it is not a code that must be followed to the letter. However, it is only a guide that affects all areas.

And for this reason, coffee as well. Etiquette also applies to espresso. The first thing we will see is how to turn the spoon in the cup. You may be wondering: does it turn counterclockwise or clockwise? Well, neither one nor the other: The spoon should not be rotated, and the cup should not even be shaken as if it were wine.

How to turn the coffee spoon

The correct way to stir the coffee is to move the spoon from top to bottom, not circular. In this way, the coffee and the flavors it contains are moved. Really simple, but most likely you do not turn it quite like that. So, from today you can stir the coffee in the “correct” way. However, it is correct for the label and therefore not a hard and fast rule. However, some enhance the flavor even more and must definitely be tried and enjoyed. Perhaps you can change your habits. But let’s look at the other rules of coffee etiquette.

Drink coffee respecting the etiquette

Then there are other rules for drinking coffee besides that of the spoon.  The cup must be taken with the thumb and forefinger and the little finger must not be raised. Never blow into the drink to cool it but wait until it cools spontaneously. The label does not want the spoon in the mouth then. In fact, it should be placed on the saucer.

Coffee label

Then there is the etiquette when serving coffee. For example, if you are having dinner at home, you should never bring coffee to the table, but rather go to another place, such as the living room. Never bring only the cup. Coffee should be served individually with a saucer and spoon on a tray.