Especially during a hot spell, it is important that the food and drinks in the refrigerator at home are well cooled. Should you therefore set the temperature of the refrigerator differently in midsummer? Experts have been debating this for years. What the optimal refrigerator temperature is in the summer and what else you need to consider; you can find out here.

What is the optimal refrigerator temperature in summer?

An Internet search on the optimal refrigerator temperature in summer usually yields contradictory results. Normally, you should set your refrigerator to 44 °F (measured in the middle refrigerator compartment).

Changing the temperature is often not necessary

The portal Oko-Test, on the other hand, contradicts this recommendation: “A functional, modern refrigerator must counter the higher outside temperature in summer with more power, but regulating the temperature is not necessary for this.” According to Oko-Test, it is therefore not necessary to adjust the temperature at all, or only by about half a step, because modern refrigerators can keep their internal temperature constant in both winter and summer.

But how do you find out the optimal refrigerator temperature for summer according to these quite different specifications? First of all, you should never change the refrigerator temperature without first checking if it is really necessary. It’s best to install a refrigerator thermometer if you don’t already have one. This way you can always check that the internal temperature of the refrigerator is around 44 °F.

Alternatively, you can use a piece of butter as a guide. If the butter is just spreadable, the refrigerator is at the right temperature. If the butter is too soft, you should set the regulator a little higher. Often half a step makes a big difference. If you have an older refrigerator, you may well have to adjust the temperature when it gets hot. Again, it’s a good idea to measure beforehand. If you set your refrigerator temperature unnecessarily low in the summer, it will consume a lot of energy. And as we all know, that can be expensive.

More tips for a constant refrigerator temperature

Keeping your refrigerator well stocked in the summer helps to maintain a constant internal temperature. Also, make sure to open the refrigerator as rarely as possible. If you leave the refrigerator door open, the appliance needs more energy to maintain a constant internal temperature. At the same time, the refrigerator gives off heat at the back. This is not necessarily conducive to a pleasant climate in the home when temperatures are high in the summer.

Last but not least, to maintain the optimal refrigerator temperature in summer, it is recommended to place the refrigerator in a rather dark, cool place. Next to the stove or a sunny window, the refrigerator would consume significantly more energy to cool the food. With these refrigerator tips, you’re definitely on the safe side in the summer.