How many times have you thrown away those famous mini packets of silica gel you found in bags or shoe boxes? Well, that’s a mistake! Because they certainly aren’t there by accident. And their usefulness should never be underestimated. These little balls are very practical and versatile, you can use them both at home and in the office. Why should you never throw them away? We will tell you about their usefulness and even give you some tips on how to make the most of them.

What are the benefits of silica gel bags?

When you buy a new pair of shoes, you will surely notice a few small white bags with silica gel in the box. Have you often wondered what these mini bags are for? Some may have even gone so far as to open them to satisfy their curiosity. What a surprise to see all those little marbles breaking everywhere! Well, first of all, if you want to take full advantage of their properties, avoid tearing these little bags. Store them carefully and above all, don’t throw them away!

Why did manufacturers choose to include these sachets in their products? In fact, silica gel is made from sodium silicate. More precisely, it is composed of water and silica, so it has the same structure as sand. It is mainly used for its remarkable ability to absorb moisture. In fact, it is one of the most absorbent materials in the world, protecting plastic from moisture. It can also be used to dry a cell phone, preserve precious photos or protect silver jewelry from turning black by putting a small bag in the box where you keep it.

Reminder: Silica gel has been around since the 17th century, although it was not patented until 1919 by Walter A. Patrick. Later, with the beginning of the First World War, it was used in gas masks, during the Second it was supposed to keep penicillin dry, saving many lives.

An important ally to protect your shoes

You will be surprised how useful these silica gel bags actually are.  Take shoes as an example. On Tik Tok, a user explained to his followers how he uses these little bags at home. The internet user even shared a video asking people not to throw them away and to keep them in a corner to use them in different ways. According to him, the silica gel bags effectively protect our shoes from moisture and mold that gradually forms on the soles. ” Silica gel absorbs moisture and keeps the environment dry, prevents mold growth and regulates the high room temperature that sometimes melts glue in shoes and causes the sole to come loose,” he says. His video quickly went viral on the social network, receiving nearly 900,000 views and thousands of comments.

No more moisture and musty smells in the closets!

This granular material is thus a particularly recommended substance for absorbing moisture present in various places. If you want to prevent musty smells in closets or sports bags, you just need to add a few packets of this gel. And now the moisture will be quickly absorbed, and you will then be spared unpleasant odors!

How to reuse bags with silica balls?

Generally, without really paying attention to it, most people tend to get rid of those little pouches that they think are useless or they think are cumbersome. You will have understood now, it is no longer necessary to do this. Instead of throwing them away, here’s how you can put them to good use.

In addition to absorbing moisture from shoes, silica gel packets can protect your old photos, VHS tapes and old documents. When stored in a damp corner, these small spheres will ensure that they are saved from potential deterioration. All items that could be damaged must be transported in perfectly insulated plastic containers. Inside you will slide one or two bags of silica gel. Thus, your elements will remain completely dry, without risk of oxidation. You will no longer have to worry about their condition! Silica gel bags can also be stored in the boxes in which you keep your jewelry, in your handbags or cosmetic bags. The silica gel thus prevents possible damage from moisture!