Mold is an enemy that creeps, obviously without our permission, inside the house. Let’s say, however, that it prefers certain areas in particular, among them we can definitely mention the walls and its corners, furniture, but especially the bathroom. With reference to the latter, it is not uncommon to see it especially in the shower: rails, walls, windows and whatever else are immediately affected. Well today we will see together how to send it away with simpleeffective tricks!

  • Baking soda

Baking soda is always a right move when it comes to sending mold away! In fact, its abrasive action and its ability to absorb moisture naturally make it perfect for saying goodbye to this type of dirt. What you’ll need to do is prepare a thick paste with just enough baking soda (depending on the areas to be treated) and water to a trickle, the consistency you should achieve is that of a gel. Use the mixture on the sponge, put it on all the affected areas and let the baking soda dry, then go scraping with a toothbrush without scrubbing too much. Rinse everything thoroughly and there you go!

  • White vinegar

Similar to baking soda, vinegar also has its own excellent degreasing property that we can take advantage of especially in our case! In fact, white vinegar is perfect everywhere in the house and is also used to send mold away from the walls. Well, all you need to do is fill a vaporizer 3 parts with vinegar and 1 part with water, then close it and shake well. Use the mixture in the shower, on the tiles, on the silicone rails and all the places where you found mold, leave it for 5 minutes and then go to degrease.

Warning. You cannot use vinegar on marble or natural stone surfaces.

  • Lemon juice

Lemon juice, with its scent and effectiveness, is one of the most widely used remedies for sending mold away! Use it by straining its juice to make 1 cup of product, then dilute it with 2 cups of water and pour it all inside a vaporizer. Spray the mixture on the areas to be treated and leave it on for at least 10 minutes so that the mold can dissolve effectively. After that, you will have to go and scrape off the dirt with a toothbrush or sponge, rinse thoroughly, and the mold will be just a distant memory!

  • Bar soap

Among the most beloved remedies of our Grandmothers is definitely bar soap! Gentle, fragrant and perfect for sending away difficult dirt such as, precisely, mold inside the bathroom. All you will need to do is grate 2 tablespoons of soap and use it directly on the sponge to scrub over the areas to be treated. Alternatively, melt the soap in a water bath, add 1 tablespoon of baking soda, and you will have a wonderful mixture to use again on a toothbrush or sponge.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

Last trick that was previously unknown but is more popular today is hydrogen peroxide! We are talking about a perfect product to get rid of mold that just won’t go away, and using it is super simple. You will need to put it on a absorbent cotton pad or cotton disk and place these on the areas to be treated until they dry completely. Then remove the absorbent cotton and scrub away the rest of the mold with a toothbrush; you will see that no trace of it will remain!

Warnings :

Try the tips first on unseen corners to make sure you don’t damage any surfaces.