We can say hands down that the oven represents the most disliked appliance to clean, can’t we? In fact, whether you have it on the floor or elevated it always involves an enormous amount of labor that we would gladly do without. Once a month, however, it is important to put it through all its components again, otherwise dirt will accumulate more and more until it will be difficult to remove. So, let’s see together the guide to clean the whole oven from top to bottom!

Let’s start with the grates

To carry out a thorough cleaning let’s start with what’s inside, namely the grates! Over time these can rust and can form scales that then become difficult to remove, but I have just the solution for you. In order to remove all the stains, then, I recommend that you spread some baking soda on a damp sponge, then add some lemon juice. At this point you will need to start scrubbing vigorously on the grates. If you find it difficult to clean thoroughly in the corners, use a toothbrush, again with baking soda on top. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the step if any dirt still remains. That’s it, your grills are perfect!

Double glass

Now let’s turn to the double oven glass, another element that crusts with lightning speed and is complicated to clean. Generally speaking, it should be taken apart, but there is a trick to put it back together without the hassle of removing it piece by piece. Let’s discover this quick and effective method together!


The ingredients are simple and you can easily find them! In detail you will need:

  • 1 double paper towel
  • 5 ounces of citric acid
  • 1 quart of water
  • 1 spray bottle
  • 1 ladle with a flat spout

Citric acid is an excellent descaler and quickly dissolves all stains that are struggling to go away. Not surprisingly, it is also often used for limescale in the bathroom and kitchen.


First dissolve the citric acid in the water and mix until they become one solution, then pour everything inside the spray bottle. At this point, you will need to take the paper towel, fold it into 2 parts and wrap it around the spout of the ladle securing it with tape or a rubber band. Sprinkle a generous amount of the previously prepared solution onto the paper towel and insert it into the double glass by going over every area, particularly the sides and corners. Once all the grease has been removed, repeat the step by changing the paper towel and to rinse thoroughly. Your double glass is completely clean!

Softening the dirt

Now let’s move on to the inside of the oven, the most tiring part!

If you use specific remedies such as softening the dirt first, this step also becomes simple and at the same time very effective. You will need to fill a bowl suitable for the oven and fill it halfway with hot water, juice of 1 lemon and 2 full glasses of vinegar (you can use apple cider vinegar for a milder smell). Place in the oven previously heated to 356 °F and leave like this until almost all the liquid evaporates. This way it will stick to the crust and soften it. When it has evaporated, turn off the oven, let it cool a little and then wipe it off by rubbing it with a sponge soaked in the liquid left in the bowl. Then rinse thoroughly and the oven will be perfect!

To perfume

Now let’s look at a trick to freshly scent the oven after cleaning it! You will need to cut a lemon into slices and place them on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. You can also add mint or bay leaves or even a sprig of rosemary to intensify the smell. Place the baking sheet under the oven at 338 °F degrees for a few minutes, just long enough for all the smell to waft throughout the oven. When the scent has reached the right intensity, turn it off and reuse the citrus and plant leaves to scent other areas of the house!


Finally, let’s take care of the outside of the oven and see together a perfect remedy for getting it shiny and bright! You will need to moisten a microfiber cloth with white vinegar and wipe it vigorously all over the exterior, then rinse with the wrung-out cloth. Immediately afterwards, wipe with a dry cotton cloth to keep the halos from appearing and to get the glass perfectly clean. At this point, the exterior is also degreased and all you have to do is enjoy your oven back as good as new!


Try the remedies in unseen corners of the oven before using them.