The summer weather invites you to barbecue outdoors. Thanks to TikTok, barbecue fans can now benefit from ingenious grilling hacks that make the BBQ experience even better, alongside delicious grilling recipes from Einfach Tasty. From simple cleaning tricks to ingenious methods for juicy barbecue, these hacks promise to make grilling a breeze.

  1. Grill hack: clean the grill grate with an onion

Who doesn’t know it? After grilling, stubborn grease and burnt-on grill food sticks to the grate, and cleaning it becomes a tedious task. But TikTok users have discovered the perfect solution: an onion! Simply spear a halved onion with a barbecue fork and rub it over the still-warm grate. The enzymes contained in the onion act like a natural cleaning agent and effortlessly remove dirt. So, nothing stands in the way of the next barbecue adventure. If you have now bought onions in bulk so that you can also eat them and not just use them as a cleaning agent, you can put spicy BBQ grill onion skewers on the grate.

  1. Grill hack: juicy burger patties thanks to ice cubes

Juicy burgers are the be-all and end-all of a successful barbecue. TikTok grill masters swear by a simple trick to make their burger patties extra juicy: Ice cubes! Before shaping the ground beef, simply place an ice cube or two in the center of the patty and shape the meat over it. Alternatively, just place an ice cube on top of the raw meat when grilling. As you grill, the ice melts, adding moisture to the meat and providing extra juiciness. An absolute treat for every burger lover and since a burger rarely comes alone, here are five delicious recipe ideas for it.

  1. Grill hack: potatoes provide non-stick effect

To ensure that nothing sticks to the grill and the grilled food can be turned over effortlessly, TikTok grillers like to use an unconventional helper: potatoes! Simply cut a raw potato in half and rub it over the preheated grill grate. The potato releases starch in the process, which acts as a natural non-stick effect. This allows lean meat and vegetables to be turned easily without sticking to the grate.

  1. Grill hack: water wooden skeders so that they do not catch fire

Wooden skewers are popular for grilling small items like vegetables or shrimp. But they often end up in flames and the grilling experience is marred. With this secret trick, the perfect barbecue skewers succeed and there is also a TikTok barbecue hack against it: Soak the wooden skewers in water for about 30 minutes before using them. This prevents them from catching fire during grilling and making the grilled food inedible.

  1. Barbecue hack: turn food easier, thanks to wooden skewers

Wooden skewers are not only suitable for small pieces, but also for easy turning of larger grilled food, such as pieces of meat or fish fillets, or a larger number of sausages. Instead of placing the food directly on the grill, you can skewer it on wooden skewers. This makes it easier to turn the grilled food and it keeps its shape without falling apart.

  1. Grill hack: grill fish on lemon slices

Fish on the grill can be a challenge, as it easily sticks to the grate or falls apart. A TikTok grilling hack recommends grilling fish on lemon slices. The lemon slices prevent the fish from sticking to the grate while adding a delicious lemon flavor. And for even more flavor, use the right marinade. Here are the five best barbecue marinades for meat, vegetables and more.