There’s a trick to defrosting the freezer in 15 minutes on the clock, count them!

We’re talking about one of the most boring household chores you can do, and yet, as the saying goes, “It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it”… And it’s up to us! Unless you are equipped with a modern freezer that has a built-in no frost function (i.e. capable of preventing frost from forming or melting it as soon as it forms), you usually equip yourself with a scraper and start scraping after emptying.

In addition to fatigue, boredom and loss of time, this process also runs the risk of damaging the appliance if not carried out with great care. Delicate upholstered surfaces can be damaged! But with our ingenious gimmick, all these problems won’t even arise, because in no time at all your freezer will be rid of ice and frost, without a hit!

Scoop out the freezer in 15 minutes and without scraping with the bowl trick!

Start by emptying the entire contents of the freezer. Take the opportunity to make a small but complete list of everything you had in place. Put it in special airtight bags and place them in a cool bag to keep them cold. Even if it takes less than fifteen minutes, it’s best to prevent them from thawing unnecessarily. They can still develop unwanted bacteria! However, if you store them in the fridge or at a stock exchange that is running low, there is no risk of this happening. Ready? Perfect! Disconnect the appliance from the mains at this point to switch it off. Place rags and towels at its feet to protect the bottom and boil a pot of water.

When it comes to the boil, open the freezer door, pour the boiling water into a bowl, place it inside and close it again. Wait 15 minutes on the timer. The temperature change is so effective that the ice will melt completely and when the time is up, all you have to do is dry off the excess water! Without scraping, without rubbing, without long waiting times and without effort, your freezer is free of frost and ready to receive the food to be stored again! Ingenious, isn’t it!

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