Sponges can have many uses. Besides washing dishes and cleaning kitchen surfaces, these little tools can serve other unusual functions. You can even use them for gardening! We’ll explain what’s next. Used daily, the sponge is an indispensable tool for cleaning at home. As a result, it quickly turns into a nest of bacteria and must be replaced regularly. But before you throw it away, make the most of this little cleaning tool. Here is an original trick that you can use in the garden.

How to use the dish sponge in the garden?

Have you decided to get rid of your kitchen sponge? If this tool is not completely damaged, you can still use it to take care of your garden, provided you disinfect it well.

  • The rinsing sponge, a practical tool for moistening plants

First, pour a few drops of bleach into a container filled with water. Then soak the sponge and let it sit for an hour to disinfect it, then rinse thoroughly. Second, cut the rinsing sponge into small pieces. Then mix the potting soil with perlite and the sponge pieces. It is possible to cover the soil of the plant with perlite before watering generously. This raw material will thus allow to aerate the soil and improve drainage. The sponge guarantees continuous hydration of the plant.  It is the ideal solution for plants that like moist soil.

The sponge can also be used to sow new seeds. Simply soak the sponge in water and place it on a bowl. Then bury the seeds by making a small hole in the center of the sponge. Then cover the support with a plastic sheet. In order for the seeded plant to grow well, keep it in a warm place. Spray the sponges regularly to keep them moist, and after a few weeks the seedlings will begin to sprout!

Other ingenious ways to use dishwashing sponges

Few people know this, but there are several ways to recycle old sponges, even the most worn out ones. Save the sponges for “dirty” tasks!

If a dishwashing sponge is no longer useful for cleaning dishes, it can still be used to clean dirty items. For example, you can use it to clean garbage cans, your car tires, or other household chores. In particular, make sure to always clean and disinfect it. Be careful not to accidentally mix this tool with a dishwashing sponge. Then, choose a color for this unique task or cut a piece of your sponge to distinguish it from the others.

Remove hair and lint with dishwashing sponges

If you have a pet, the following tip might be of great help. This involves wetting an old sponge and using it to wipe down certain surfaces that are covered in pet hair or lint.

Protect fragile dishes with old sponges

No need to throw away your old sponges, use them to protect your utensils or dishes in a box when moving. This tool can be used as a protective packaging to absorb the shock during transportation.

If you think your old sponges have outlived their usefulness, you’re wrong. With these new ideas, they will make a brilliant comeback.