Forget about bad odors from towels that stink after washing. With this natural remedy they will be very fragrant, here is what you need to get rid of the bad smell.

It often happens that the towels still smell after washing in the washing machine. A bad smell that you just do not know how to get rid of it and how to use it is not the best, because it should be used for the face and hands. But then how to proceed to get scented towels?

Surely the first thing to check is the washing machine. This, like all household appliances, requires maintenance and in contact with water the possibility of limescale formation is very high. In fact, the washing machine must be cleaned every month, performing an empty wash, and then all parts must be cleaned with a cloth.

But the problem could not only be the poor cleaning of the washing machine. In fact, there are other causes that can lead to bad odors, and to ensure that they are always perfumed, you must follow some precautions that we will see below.

So perfumed towels: get rid of bad odors

As we said, you can understand that towels continue to smell bad after washing. However, let us first say that it is very important to change towels frequently to avoid this. In fact, they should be changed about twice a week to ensure optimal hygiene.

Towels are exposed to water and therefore to the possible growth of germs and bacteria. For this very reason, when they are placed in the dirty laundry basket, they should be air dried first. They should never be placed in the laundry basket damp, as this can be one of the causes that towels smell after washing.

Another cause of bad odors is not opening the washing machine door once it is finished. This practice, often taken lightly, is in fact essential, because in the washing machine drum creates a humid environment, which also in this case favors the proliferation of bacteria.

Drying towels can also be a cause of bad odors

In fact, you should not leave them outside for too long, because they could absorb moisture after drying, and also not in the house when it is completely closed. So you need to find the right temperature.

Then the amount of detergent used also affects bad odors. Often people use too much without knowing that it is not good at all. In fact, both the detergent and the fabric softener must be used as indicated on the packaging, and you must not overdo it, as this will only lead to the opposite effect, namely bad odors.

To perfume them even more intensely, you can also use bar soap. This is available in almost every household, and you can use it as a fabric softener. It leaves an intense scent in your laundry and is not harmful to the environment. Follow all the advice and you will have very fragrant towels.