Wearing clothes that always smell good, putting fresh sheets on the bed, and generally having perfect laundry is what you try to do every day. However, there are always snags, such as opening the drum at the end of the wash and smelling a strange wet smell. It happens more often than you think, especially at certain times of the year when the moisture content increases significantly. In this regard, today we will see together why laundry smells damp after just washing it and how to solve it!

State of Cleanliness

The first tip I give you is definitely to check the state of cleanliness of the washing machine, it is a very important factor. A dirty washing machine will consequently accumulate bad odors that can then be transferred to the laundry, so always pay attention. In case the appliance needs a thorough cleaning, go ahead with an empty wash, just put 1 cup of vinegar in the drum and start a high temperature wash. Also check other items such as the drawer, porthole, gasket and whatnot. You will always have to use a little vinegar or baking soda to get them looking like new again!

Amount of detergent

It may sound strange, but the amount of detergent you put in the washing machine can lead to a wet smell problem. Whether there is too much or too little, detergent is a very recurring problem that we are not always aware of. If too much is put in, the excess gets stuck between the fabric fibers and will carry the stench. Conversely, if it is too little, the cloths will be washed effectively. The solution is first to consult the washing labels so as to check which one is the most suitable. Another suggestion is to prefer natural remedies such as baking soda or organic soap instead of polluting detergents.

Washing programs

Washing programs are very important in order not to have clothes that smell wet. People often put many different types of fabric inside the drum, but in reality it would be good to divide them up so that washing is more effective. Each garment needs a different program, example: if a garment needs a long wash and you set a short one because most of the cloths in the drum require it, the first few garments will not be washed well and will smell. So always pay attention to what the needs of each fabric are so you don’t get the program wrong.


Centrifuge can also be a problem sometimes! This is useful for the purpose of draining a lot of water so that the clothes dry in a short time and most importantly it avoids the wet smell. However, when you set it wrongly or, out of habit, put in a few turns, it will be very easy to be prone to wet smells because too much water will remain on the cloths. So, whenever possible, set a spin cycle that will remove as much water as possible.

Methods to solve

Once you have extrapolated all the probable reasons why your laundry smells damp right after the washing machine, let’s see what methods to solve it! Here are some valuable tips:

  • Always consult the washing labels, a step that, alas, is often underestimated;
  • Use a natural fabric softener: 1/3 lb of citric acid in 1 quart of water and 10 drops of essential oil of your choice is enough;
  • Air the drum after washing, so that all stale air is removed and water does not stagnate;
  • Do not overload the basket with too many cloths, otherwise you will not allow the proper passage of water;
  • Lay out the cloths immediately and do not leave them in the basket for hours on end;
  • After spreading them out, remove them and put them down only when they are perfectly dry.