A clean and shiny home without much work is the dream of everyone who has to take care of the housework, whether woman or man. Doing it only with natural ingredients and seeing everything become like new again may not be exactly a dream, but rather an applicable reality. Curious to know what it is?

Housework, a necessary job

Unless you want to end up in one of those programs where only a company specializing in disinfestation and disinfestation can free us, the house is maintained and cleaned more or less every day.

The smartest, the out-of-home workers and those who cannot afford domestic workers, create a kind of timetable in which you have to take care of the housework for each day of the week (mandatory). For example, given the bad economy, Saturdays and Sundays can be used for washing machines and irons to save on bills. Always of course, if you have joined the two-hour slot. In the end, it’s just a matter of changing certain habits and not succumb to civilization customs. If we want to go further, we also have various tips that ultimately make these operations easier, even without having much technology at home, as seen in some viral videos on social platforms.

Clean and shiny house? Few ingredients are enough

Supermarkets are full of household products, to the point that we happen to have many packs of different detergents and degreasers in the place designated for detergents.  Odors in the house accumulate, fabric sofas and curtains act as absorbent sponges. These are odors that he inhabits the house and in the end no longer “smells” because the sense of smell gets used to it. However, when you get home, you may smell the odor of fried food from the night before. This is where we run to put deodorant sprays or light scented candles or electrical appliances that give off a different scent.

Without thinking that above all the sprays pollute, since the spray cans and with each use also release into the air a cloud of pollutant particles, the so-called ” volatile organic compounds “, which are chemical compounds that make this possible effect spray. However, the solution could be simpler and cheaper, creating a floor cleaner (an element present everywhere in the house) capable of perfuming any room while cleaning it perfectly. Let’s see what it takes to prepare this cheap DIY cleaner to have a clean and shiny home.

Ingredients for a clean and shiny home

  • 1 cup baking soda,
  • 1 bowl,
  • 2 tablespoons of fabric softener,
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla,
  • 2 tablespoons baby oil,
  • 1 tablespoon liquid detergent,
  • 1 tablespoon white vinegar,
  • disposable gloves.


The composition of this detergent, which can clean the house and perfume it at the same time, is very simple. First, take a bowl, in which we pour a cup of bakingy soda.

We must add to the baking soda the other ingredients, that is, the fabric softener, the fragrance that we love the most and everything else.

Finally, mix the ingredients with a spoon and prepare balls with disposable gloves with the palm of your hand, as if they were small meatballs.

We compact them by adding liquid when needed, even a little water is fine, and finally we store them in a plastic container with a lid.

They end up in the bucket to wash the floors, just one is enough to perfume and clean the house whenever we want, in this way we can have a clean and shiny house using only natural products.

It is good for any flooring made of porcelain stoneware, ceramic or other floors.