After the dark and cold months of winter, spring invites us to fully enjoy nature. We provide you with tips for outdoor activities that will delight both young and old.

The first warm rays of sunshine, the singing of birds, and the colorful spring flowers attract people outdoors after a long winter.

If you’re tired of the usual neighborhood stroll, you’ll find plenty of tips here for outdoor activities.

Outdoor Exercise

In early spring, it’s not only warmer outside but also more colorful. The first crocuses, snowdrops, and daffodils bloom, and on the bare trees stripped by winter, the first buds and green leaves appear. If you want to witness this process of nature and enjoy the spring scents, you should move outdoors. We have three ideas:

  • Walking (in the forest): Walking provides a beautiful escape from daily stress for both young and old—whether in the park, forest, on pretty meadows, or along long paths through fields. If you want to go for a walk with your children, you can also make the walk playful. You can recognize bird songs and identify animals or plants. Additionally, it can be a lot of fun to pick wild herbs, flowers, or mushrooms to use later in delicious dishes. For most mushrooms, spring is still too early, but with a bit of luck, you’ll find edible morel mushrooms. With them, you can, for example, prepare a mushroom risotto.
  • Important: You should only collect edible mushrooms that you definitely recognize. Guided tours and apps to identify mushrooms will make it easier for you. Bike Ride: During an extensive bike ride, you can not only exercise but also enjoy the passing landscape. But don’t forget to check in advance if your bike is in good working condition and absolutely do a full bike check.
  • Jogging: Jogging is part of the regular sports routine for many, especially during the spring months. Meanwhile, you can either enjoy the sounds of nature or listen to your favorite music. Tip: During plogging, you pick up trash along the way. This way, you’re doing good not only for your body but also for the environment. Slow jogging is particularly suitable for becoming aware of the environment attentively. Nature Relaxation

What could be more beautiful than distancing oneself from daily stress in the middle of nature? It’s worth perceiving nature with all your senses. You can combine this with outdoor activities that provide you with calm and relaxation.

  • Yoga: Yoga exercises can easily be practiced outdoors. Grab your yoga mat and turn your garden, balcony, or the nearest park into your sports field. This way, you can perfectly combine sports, relaxation techniques, and fresh air.
  • Sunbathing: Lie down on a blanket in the park or in your own garden and consciously take time for yourself. Feel the sun’s rays on your skin, listen to the sounds of nature, and admire the first buds. Immerse yourself in spring with all your senses. At the same time, you’re also meeting your daily needs for vitamin D. Always make sure to have adequate sun protection, even in spring!
  • Reading a Book: In spring, you can consciously devote yourself to reading, especially if you’ve been wanting to read more for a while. On a park bench, on a picnic blanket, or in a hammock, you can listen to the birdsong while immersing yourself in foreign worlds.

Sprucing Up Your Balcony or Planting Your Garden

When winter has passed, you can revive your balcony or garden.

Prepare your garden for the planting season with the following activities:

  • Cleaning: Trim branches and dispose of old green waste, flower pots, and fertilizer Prepare: Warm up the garden soil, turn over the beds, and fertilize the soil Sow: Sow new seeds
  • Sanding and Painting Garden Furniture: Every few years, your wooden garden furniture may need a new sanding and painting. Perhaps you fancy a more original color or a different type of varnish? This way, you can give your garden or balcony a fresh look.
  • Picnic: You can inaugurate your balcony or garden for the beginning of spring with friends or family—perhaps with a beautiful outdoor picnic with homemade picnic recipes and drinks.
  • Making Seed Bombs: You can make seed bombs with your children. This way, you not only beautify your garden or balcony but can also scatter seed bombs on wild meadows to enrich them.