We’re used to using it in the kitchen, but have you ever tried using oregano on your feet? Here’s what happens. Very often, the ingredients we use in the kitchen also turn out to be valuable allies for taking care of our bodies. This is the case with oregano, one of the lesser known but excellent remedies for feet. Let’s see why and how to use it.

The properties of oregano

Oregano is an aromatic plant of Mediterranean origin, used mainly in cooking, but also has many applications in the medical field. At the time of the ancient Egyptians and ancient Greece, it was considered a symbol of peace and happiness, which is why it was often used as an ornament for the bride and groom at weddings. Its main characteristic is undoubtedly the aroma that persists even after drying.

The most commonly used part of the shrub is the leaves, which are also known for their digestive properties and are used both in the healing field and for the production of cosmetic and medicinal essential oils. But what properties does it have for personal care? There is a great way to use oregano in the beauty field: just apply it weekly on your feet to eliminate bad odors and keep away possible fungi and bacteria. Let’s see how to use it.

Oregano on the feet: what are the benefits?

Those who take care of their body with specific routines already know how to use oregano. As mentioned above, its action, supported by the other ingredients, helps keep fungi and bacteria away from your feet. The solution is very easy to use and the ingredients are easily available at home. The main ingredient is obviously oregano, to which you need to add water, white wine vinegar and sodium bicarbonate.

The procedure consists of adding five tablespoons of powdered oregano to a pot. The powder is preferable, but if you have it in pieces, it is also okay, it still works. After the oregano you need to add one and a half cups of water, put the pot on the stove and bring everything to a boil, stirring occasionally. Once the mixture begins to boil, turn off the heat and wait until it cools.

When the solution reaches room temperature and is no longer hot, pour it into another container using a strainer to remove any residue and lumps, and then add a cup of white wine vinegar. Vinegar is an excellent ally in this solution, as its properties further help remove bacteria and fungi.

In another container, add 5 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate: another very important ingredient known for its whitening and antiseptic properties. It is also an excellent exfoliant, ideal for the feet when the cold weather arrives. It is time to put your feet in an empty bowl and pour the mixture with the oregano. Next, pour in the baking soda and let your feet soak for five to ten minutes. After this time, take out your feet and let them air dry for another 5/10 minutes.

To fight unpleasant foot odor and keep fungus and bacteria away, you can repeat this routine a few times a week. Your feet will thank you for it.