Winter fruit par excellence, it must be remembered that with the tangerine nothing is thrown away. Not even the peels! Much more than simple waste, they can be used for various purposes. Discover the interest of putting the peels of this fruit on the windowsills. Environmental warning. Always remember to recycle the peels of your fruits and vegetables to limit waste. These peels are often much more useful than you think! For this purpose, it is a good idea to put the tangerine peels on the windowsills. We explain

What is the benefit of putting tangerine peels on windowsills?

Mandarin can be used for culinary purposes, but not only. Its peels can also be reused to put an end to many inconveniences. The elimination of bad odors is one of them! In fact, placing mandarin peels on windowsills eliminates the stale smell that accumulates in the house.

In the winter, we all fight musty, damp and stale odors that can invade our homes. To get rid of it, you can simply ventilate the rooms of your home regularly, keeping the windows open and encouraging air circulation. However, when temperatures drop in winter, this would be tantamount to cooling down the interior too much, which could be unpleasant.

To make your home a pleasant smelling place and get rid of musty and moldy smells, all you need to do is place a good amount of citrus peels, especially tangerines, near your windows. You can also place them on the radiators that are turned on. This way, the citrus scent of the tangerine will spread throughout your home and eliminate all the annoying odors.

More tips for using tangerine peels in your home

Although they eliminate bad odors and perfume the house, tangerine peels have other uses in the home.

  • Tangerine peels, a deodorant for your laundry.

Tangerine peels can also be used as a deodorizer for your laundry. To do this, dry the skin of your tangerines in the oven or outdoors and place them in small muslin bags. Then put them in your closets and cupboards and say goodbye to bad smells. Your laundry will be perfectly perfumed and deodorized.

  • Tangerine peels to remove bad odors from the oven.

As you must have understood, citrus peels are very effective in removing bad odors. Often used, the oven can smell bad over time. In this case, use the tangerine peels! Turned off, but still warm, place in the oven. A pleasant smell spreads through the oven and throughout the kitchen, eliminating unpleasant odors.

  • Tangerine peels to flavor your teas and infusions.

Tangerine peels can also be used to enjoy a good tea. And yes! After they are completely dry, mix them with tea or verbena, provided your tangerines are organic. In the infusion you will have a delicious hot and healthy drink. With these anti-waste tips, you can use tangerine peels in your daily life without throwing them in the trash!