How to get a super clean toilet quickly and naturally? Here is the perfect cleaning ingredient in the bathroom. Cleaning the bathroom is one of the most tedious tasks to do. Above all, cleaning the toilet is particularly tedious. Not to mention the bad smells that seem to linger and have no intention of disappearing. Let’s see how to remedy this in a natural way to always have a spotless toilet.

Cleaning the bathroom, how often should it be done?

Often the question arises, how often to clean the bathroom. Even if the lazy try to postpone the inconvenient practice as much as possible, cleaning the bathroom is very important, because here, in addition to easily multiplying germs and bacteria, can develop unpleasant mold. Along with the kitchen, it must be the healthiest room in the house and for this reason must be thoroughly cleaned . Of course, as with so many other things, it always depends on how many people use it and how often.

A thorough cleaning of the bathroom should be done regularly at least once a week, with the sanitary ware well disinfected, the tiles disinfected, the floor swept and washed, and the surrounding area completely disinfected. Face and bidet towels should be changed every 3 days on average, as they are exposed to dust and germs released every time you flush the toilet, as for the toilet, you can do it more often as needed, as it is inevitably the first in the score for the accumulation of bacteria and germs, precisely because of the use of them. Obviously, a second bathroom for guests, which is rarely used, requires less thorough cleaning than the single bathroom in the house.

A constant and thorough cleaning, in addition to reducing cleaning times, helps to avoid the formation of dark stains and lime deposits, but no less important maintains the proper functioning of water systems, avoiding also the formation of bad odors due to dirty drains . It is also important to ventilate the bathroom daily like any other room in the house. But what to always have a perfectly clean toilet? There are many products on the market with specific purposes, but today we will see how to get a clean and disinfected toilet with an impressive natural ingredient.

How to have a super clean toilet naturally

If you do not like the strong odors of chemicals or just want to clean in an ecological and economical way, there is an ingredient that should not be missing in your home . It is known as a natural antiseptic, brightener and odor preventer and is ideal for disinfecting the toilet. We are talking about baking soda. Indispensable for household cleaning and DIY products, let’s see how it can be used to get a spotless toilet in no time.

Baking soda is an excellent natural whitener, but in order for it to activate and finish its work, it needs the help of two other ingredients, namely salt and vinegar. When mixed, vinegar and baking soda produce an immediate effervescent effect. The vinegar acts as a kind of activator for the bicarbonate, which, by expanding its mass, traps, disinfects and lightens all the dirt.

To proceed, you will need a cup of hot water, a tablespoon of fine salt, 3 tablespoons of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar. Prepare a bowl in which you will pour the baking soda and salt and mix these two ingredients. Then add the vinegar and the water.

Now that you have your toilet cleaning solution, you can use it with a sponge to clean all the sanitary items well, or even put it in a spray bottle. For dark stains caused by lime, pour the solution abundantly and add more bicarbonate, leave for 10 minutes and then rub and rinse. To have a toilet always disinfected and clean, just repeat the process at least twice a week.