Kitchen fires and saucers get dirty with unique ease! Always being in contact with flames and food, it is not uncommon to find them black or encrusted with various sauces. Sometimes it seems impossible to send the stains away and have them completely clean, but with the pot method you will degrease them effortlessly! Let’s see together what are all the ingredients you can use this simple but effective trick with!


As you well know, vinegar is a great ally throughout the home, but particularly in the kitchen! More and more people are choosing it as a natural degreaser to make steel elements including cooktop and sink look like new again. So, it is also perfect for stoves and saucers, so let’s see how you need to use it right away!

You will need to fill a pot with very hot water and then pour in 1 cup of vinegar, then submerge the stove and saucers and leave it for at least 2 hours with the lid on so that the heat does not dissipate. Then remove everything being careful not to burn and degrease with a sponge soaked in vinegar to remove any other stains. Rinse and they will be as good as new!

Citric acid

Now let’s move on to citric acid, which is fantastic for descaling even the toughest stains! In fact, we are talking about a product naturally extracted from citrus fruits that is able to drive away stubborn limescale stains. To use it you will need to dissolve 5 ounces of the product in 1 quart of hot water, then pour everything into the pot and add stove and saucers. Wait a couple of hours, then rinse and remove the remaining stains always with a sponge. You’ll see what a result!


Salt is not only valuable for making dishes tasty, but also for thoroughly cleaning certain areas of the house! Since it can remove difficult stains, why not take advantage of it with the pot method? I’ll explain how to do it right away! Put 1 cup of salt in a pot with water and melt it by putting it on the stove as if you were going to cook. When it has dissolved, turn off the heat and add fires and saucers, cover with the lid and let it sit for several hours. Then remove the elements without scalding and rinse them thoroughly, dry and see that they will be perfect!


Lemon is among the most versatile citrus fruits ever! Not only it is great in foods, but it also turns out to be a fantastic help in scenting, cleaning and making every corner of the house shiny. Using it to spruce up fires and saucers is therefore a good choice; all you need to do is press the juice of one lemon into a pot and add very hot water to half of it. Cut off the lemon peels and leave them in the pot at all times, add the fires and saucers and leave for at least 3 hours. Then rinse under running water and dry thoroughly.

Yellow soap

Finally, let’s look at a Grandma’s trick that we often don’t think about! Although yellow soap is mainly used in the washing machine, not everyone knows that it is also valuable in the kitchen, especially for fires and saucers.

What you will need to do is spread a small ball of soap on a sponge and run it over these items, degreasing them thoroughly. Then, without rinsing them, put them in the pot with hot water and leave them like that for a few hours. Afterwards rinse thoroughly to remove stains and soap residue they will be as good as new!


Try the remedies mentioned earlier in unseen corners to make sure you don’t stain or damage them.