Dishwasher tabs not only ensure clean dishes but can be used in many ways in the household. We reveal the best ways to use them.

Anyone who has ever put washing-up liquid, soap or similar in the dishwasher as a makeshift solution or out of experimental curiosity and found themselves facing an overflowing machine and a foam-covered kitchen floor knows that dishwasher tabs should always be used for the dishwasher. These contain, for example, soda to remove dirt and bleach to prevent discoloration, thus ensuring clean dishes without foaming over and overflowing like conventional hand dishwashing detergent.

However, thanks to their useful ingredients, the practical tabs can also be used for cleaning in many other household areas. Regardless of how you use them and should always wear rubber gloves when handling machine dishwashing detergents, as some ingredients may attack and irritate the skin.

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What can be cleaned in the bathroom with dishwasher tabs

In the bathroom, the tabs can be used in many ways for cleaning.

Toilet: For example, you can use dishwasher tabs to remove limescale and urine scale from your toilet. To do this, simply dissolve two tabs in a cup of warm water and place the solution in the toilet bowl overnight. The next day, you can easily remove the deposits with a toilet brush.

Tile: Yellowed and dirty bathroom and kitchen tiles as well as tile grout can also be easily cleaned with the tabs. All you have to do is mix a tab with warm water to make a paste and apply it to the grout and tiles with an old toothbrush or similar, work it in and then rinse it off again. Make sure to use colorless tabs if possible to prevent discoloration.

Garden furniture, window and door frames made of plastic can also be cleaned in this way

Washing machine: To remove dirt and limescale residues from your washing machine, you can put a tab in the empty machine and run a wash cycle at 140 degrees.

Laundry: Due to the bleaching agents they contain, dishwasher tabs are also perfect for removing stains and gray haze from clothes.

To do this, you need to put the laundry in the machine with two tabs and wash them together. Afterwards, however, you should wash the clothes another time with ordinary detergent. If you have accidentally discolored your clothes during the previous wash cycle, you can also remove this discoloration with the help of the tabs. To do this, add four tabs to hot water and soak your laundry in the mixture overnight. Then wash your laundry again in the machine the next day.

What can be cleaned in the kitchen with dishwasher tabs?

  • Oven and microwave: To clean the oven and microwave, dissolve a tab in warm water and wipe out the oven with the mixture and a sponge. Then clean it with a clean cloth and some water.
  • To remove firmly burnt residues on the stove floor, you can soak them with some warm water and rub a tab over the floor. Afterwards, wipe up the solution and clean the floor with a clean cloth and some water. This method also works for burnt-on residue on the baking sheet.
  • Burnt pots and pans: Burnt pots and pans can also be cleaned with dishwasher tabs. To do this, add a tab to about five inches of water in the pot or pan and heat the mixture. Let it soak for several hours or even overnight, and then clean pots and pans with a sponge.
  • Trash cans: trash cans in the kitchen often tend to stick and stink after a while. To clean your trash can, fill it with warm water and then dissolve two tabs in it. Let the mixture sit for an hour and rinse the bucket with clean water.
  • Drains: Food scraps and small debris often clog kitchen drains. Instead of using raw cleaners, you can slowly add a mixture of three quarts of boiled water and a dishwasher tab to the drain little by little. This can remove grease residues and organic deposits in particular.