The bathroom is an area of the house that you always want clean and shiny as if it were the first day! However, the passage of time, limescale, water, and whatnot prevent you from always having hoped-for results, but there are some perfect ingredients say goodbye to dirt. One of these is citric acid, which is fantastic for descaling and sending away even those stains that become a real nightmare. So, it only remains for me to tell you all the tricks to get your bathroom looking like new again using citric acid! Let’s prepare the natural cleaner

First let’s prepare the natural cleaner, so that you always have it on hand whenever you need to proceed with cleaning the bathroom. You can use the cleaner in any area of the bathroom because it is ideal for mold, limescale, whitening ceramics and whatnot. However, you should remember that on surfaces such as marble or natural stone you cannot use it, so be very careful.

Ingredients :

Well, at this point we just have to see what ingredients are needed for our fantastic trick! In detail you will need:

1/3 lb. of citric acid

  • 1 glass of lemon juice
  • 1 quart of water

That’s it! That’s all you will need to make your bathroom look as good as new again, sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Citric acid is naturally extracted from citrus fruits, which is why it is one of the most environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional detergents. Lemon juice will only enhance the degreasing action of citric acid and will also give a great scent to the whole bathroom!

Procedure :

Now let’s get right to the procedure for making natural citric acid spray! You will first need to mix the 1/3 lb. of product into the water until it is completely dissolved. Next, filter the lemon juice very well, completely removing the seeds and bits of pulp, then add it to the mixture of water and citric acid. Now all you have to do is pass everything inside a vaporizer and shake well so that all the elements are even better mixed. Your natural cleaner is ready for cleaning the entire bathroom!

For the faucets

The mixture you have just prepared is ideal for making your faucets shiny and good as new again! All you will need to do is simply spray a good amount of the product on top and scrub with a nonabrasive sponge. Rinse very well with a microfiber cloth and there you go! You can, also leave it on for about 20 minutes in case there is the dark circle of limescale around the faucets and it will go away immediately.

To whiten ceramics

Citric acid is a fool proof remedy for getting your ceramics white and shiny again! All you have to do is spray the mixture all over the bathroom fixtures and especially in the inner toilet bowl, which always tends to make yellow streaks. Leave it on for 5 minutes, then proceed with the flushing and enjoy the result! Always remember not to use sponges that are too abrasive because otherwise you will wear down the ceramic glaze and in the long run you can ruin the surface.

For shower glass

Shower glasses are always a big problem when we talk about cleaning in the bathroom! They tend to accumulate a considerable amount of dirt and lime scale, and afterwards it’s a challenge to effectively wipe it all away. But with our natural citric acid compound, this will no longer be a problem! Equip yourself with a dry cloth and a sponge, spray the compound on the latter and scrub the glass, then rinse and dry thoroughly with the cloth.

Encrusted tiles and joints

Among the most common problems that we would always want to avoid in the bathroom are encrusted joints and tiles. Just like glass, these are also prone to being a breeding ground for lime scale, mold and dust, but don’t worry because it will be super easy to make everything as good as new again. Spray the mixture all over the tiles and wait a few minutes, then with a toothbrush go to remove stubborn dirt and rinse.

Mold and limescale

Mold and limescale are two enemies of cleanliness inside the bathroom, but alas, you will always find them somewhere. Although it can often seem difficult to remove these types of dirt, citric acid becomes your best ally! Use the natural cleaner directly on the affected areas. Especially spray on the silicone rails and in the corners of the shower.

Warnings :

In order not to damage or stain bathroom elements, I recommend that you use citric acid first in non-visible corners. Also, remember that the element in question cannot go on marble or natural stone.