New day, new TikTok beauty tip. On the video platform, new tricks for hair, skin care and make-up keep popping up. The following unusual styling tip for dreamy curls particularly caught our attention – and that of the community. Designer Liz Fox Roseberry’s short video already boasts over 22.1 million views and more than 841,000 likes (as of 26.01.23). It shows Liz drying her hair upside down – her mane falling into the sieve she holds very close to her head. She writes: “I’ve just discovered that my sieve distributes my curls better than the diffuser”. After drying, she removes the sieve and presents her curls as perfectly defined and voluminous.

That’s why you should dry your hair with this kitchen utensil

Since so many users* were enthusiastic about the result, and many asked for a tutorial, Liz delivered an instructional video shortly afterwards. She starts by washing her hair upside down and kneading it with a special curl cream. Next, she lightly towel-dries the hair, then wraps it in an old t-shirt. After half an hour drying, she uses the colander: as in the original video, she shows how she lets the hair hang upside down, “stuffs” the mane into the colander, then dries first the roots, then the lengths through the colander.

Tip: don’t set the temperature of your hairdryer too high, firstly to be gentle on your hair and secondly to avoid overheating the sieve, otherwise you risk burning your hands or, in certain circumstances, your scalp.

What the expert says :

And what does an expert think of this unusual screening technique? Jason Collier, hairdresser and ambassador for British brand Jerome Russell Bblonde, explains: “In principle, a sieve works just as well as the diffuser attachment. It distributes the heat evenly, so that the curl structure remains intact and air can circulate well.” According to Collier, however, those who own a diffuser-equipped hairdryer don’t need to use the kitchen cupboard to style their hair.