We reveal the ancient trick to remove all hair and dust. The secret we are about to tell you will save you a lot of time and effort. How to have a clean house in 2 minutes. Do hair and dust infest your home? Are you tired of dedicating so many hours of your time to cleaning every day? With this hack, you will save free time and have a super clean house in just two minutes.

Dust and dirt, the enemies of cleanliness

We all know how much effort it takes to always have a clean and tidy house, especially if you don’t live alone and if the kids are also there to keep us company. Dust and hair are the biggest enemies of cleanliness. How many times a day do you vacuum or equip yourself with a broom and dustpan (and a lot of patience) to restore a decent look to your home?

If you suffer from allergies, you really shouldn’t have to deal with dust. This complex of microscopic particles that float in the air. It settles not only on objects, but also on the floor, causing not only dirt, but also breathing problems. And can we talk about hair? How many do we lose every day? Countless. In these situations, the feather duster or the classic bristle broom will not solve your problem, or at least not quickly. If you want to find out how to have a clean house in 2 minutes , keep reading this article. We are about to reveal the trick that will change your life. Get ready to say goodbye to dust and hair.

The age-old trick to get rid of all hair and dust

Dust and hair accumulate on our floors every day, giving our homes a sloppy and unkempt look. You may also have the best broom in the world or the most powerful vacuum cleaner on the market at your disposal, but if you don’t use these tools for at least 15 minutes or more, the dirt problem will remain. Did you know that instead you can have a shiny house with a simple trick? It only takes two minutes of your time. Get ready for change: You will never go back. What is this secret that saves so many women? Are you thinking about maybe having to buy a new electric broom? Or an even more powerful vacuum cleaner?

To get rid of dust and hair, you need to use your classic broom with bristles, your daily ally. If it’s true that instead of cleaning, the broom sometimes gets dirty, swirls dust around the house and more, then with this trick, this inconvenience will no longer occur. The only thing you need to do is to cover the bristles of your broom brush with a plastic bag. Bizarre idea, you think? You have no idea how useful a plastic bag can be. Plastic rubbing with the floor creates such strong static electricity that it attracts dust, hair and everything else on our floor.

This solution will really save you. By wrapping the plastic bag around the broom, you will prevent the dirt from getting into other rooms or parts of the house due to the movement of the bristles, and you will prevent the dust from settling on the furniture or furnishings. Shall we talk about the economic cost? It is practically zero: you already have the broom and the plastic bags too. In short, there is no cheaper system than this!

Many women apply this cleaning technique

Try it too and you will see how much time you save and most importantly how much money. But if dust accumulates on furniture, shelves or appliances, what to do? Of course, we can always use the trick with the broom wrapped in a plastic bag, but there are more convenient solutions. An example? You can make super effective household cleaners. Try the fabric softener trick. In an atomizer, add four parts water and one part detergent, spray the solution onto a microfiber cloth and start dusting: cleaning guaranteed in a nanosecond.

White vinegar also lends itself as a special ingredient to make your home shine: Just dilute it with a little water and then be ready to experience the magic. According to cleaning experts, there are also other recommendations that should be followed to have a clean and tidy home. Here are some:

  • Clean your home regularly.
  • Clean curtains, pillows and sofas at least three times a week: dust and mites especially like to collect on synthetic fabrics.
  • Air the house for at least 5 minutes a day.
  • Take off your shoes at home: dust, hair and dirt under your soles that you pick up on the street reach your home

You can clearly see that there are solutions to have a clean and tidy home, you just need to clean constantly and follow the suggestions of those who know more than us. With the age-old trick of removing all hair and dust, and with all these tips, you will see that having a home free of hair, dust and dirt will be a breeze for you too.