There is a sachet method for uncorking the toilet that has proven to be much stronger than baking soda – try it now.

When the toilet is clogged, there are many techniques to unclog it. Few know the envelope method that can help you achieve your goal in no time and without spending money. Experts recommend a new tool that eliminates the water residue, which occurs inside the toilet when the pipes are completely clogged: Can we explain the procedure?

Clogged toilet, what to do?

What to do when the toilet is clogged? If the problem is serious, it is important to understand the causes and then immediately call a professional plumber who can solve the problem.

In less serious cases, the causes are most often a build-up of toilet paper or detergent with residue that has clogged the drain. There could also be some hair or makeup remover/intimate wipes that should never be thrown down the drain.

If the classic tool for unclogging the toilet doesn’t work, you can try natural ingredients like baking soda. Beware of anything thrown down the toilet during the day, as this is a delicate and narrow drain: Wipes, cotton pads, objects and powders should never be discarded this way. In some municipalities in Italy it is also forbidden to throw away toilet paper , it is better to ask before making such a mistake.

All the elements used are able to dissolve the blockage and ensure that the water can be extracted without the risk of flooding the entire room. But there is a better method that can be implemented the moment this bottleneck occurs, with an envelope that can solve the problem in minutes.

Bag method to unclog the toilet

As mentioned earlier , when it turns out that the toilet is clogged , it is important to put into practice a simple and quick as well as inexpensive method . All you need is a large bag like the one used for household garbage collection.

Take the bag and place it on the toilet so that it is completely covered. Immediately after, pull down the two boards and sit down without worrying about the water leaking. It’s time to flush the toilet and wait for all the water to run down.

Lift the toilet seat to determine that all the standing water that has occurred due to the clogged pipes has drained completely. An original method, cheap and really easy to implement. It’s a little-used tool, but once you try it, it’s sure to become part of your daily routine.

A recommendation: use only if there are no large objects or blockages in the pipe, otherwise immediately contact a professional plumber.