The kitchen environment is the ideal place to grow plants indoors. But if you are only thinking of growing aromatic plants, you may not know evergreen plants like aralia or pothos, ornamental plants that are easy to grow and add a green touch to your decor.

The kitchen, well-lit and ventilated, is one of the most suitable spaces in the house in which to grow plants. They not only furnish, but also add a touch of freshness to the home environment. However, those who previously thought that only herbs have a place in the kitchen, are mistaken. There are many easy to grow and very hardy plants that adapt well to this environment, such as pothos or aralia. Add the scent of mint or rosemary and you will have an inviting, totally green kitchen.

The plants that decorate your kitchen:

  • Pothos

It has large green leaves that effectively absorb carbon dioxide and purify the air in the house. The pothos is an ideal plant to place in the kitchen because it is strong and hardy, but at the same time very beautiful to display. It should be watered regularly, but without overdoing it; From time to time the leaves should be sprayed with water to moisten them.

  • Parsley

If parsley goes a little with everything, it is only right that a seedling also finds a place in the kitchen. Parsley needs a large pot because it roots deeply. It also thrives well on a windowsill but must be able to stand in a sunny spot. The soil must always be moist, so water it regularly every day in small doses. Useful for keeping in the kitchen, parsley is one of the most commonly used aromatic herbs for seasoning dishes. It has purifying properties and strengthens the immune system thanks to its high content of vitamin C and antioxidants.

  • Aralia

The Aralia is an evergreen houseplant, very hardy and above all easy to grow. Its leaves are bottle green, while the flowers are creamy white. It is a versatile plant that tolerates low light environments but thrives when placed in direct light. Water sparingly and add some green plant fertilizer when new leaves appear.

  • Mint

Among the aromas with the most pleasant scent we find mint, a plant that adapts easily to all types of climate. Therefore, you can grow it at home in a large pot and make sure it does not lack regular watering to keep the soil always moist: Instead, avoid wetting the leaves so as not to damage them.

  • Maidenhair

Maidenhair fern is a medicinal plant with numerous beneficial properties: it helps digestion, cures coughs, bronchitis and colds . It is a small fern, also known as Jupiter’s beard, with bright green fan-shaped leaves. Place it in a bright area of your kitchen, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Water generously in the summer and spray the leaves to keep the surrounding air moist.